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Laura Davis posted a discussion

Not too late to wait

My husband will be home for the holidays two weeks after we will celebrate as a family with his parents and four sisters on the 25th. He is being released from the military after two surgeries. I'd like for his family to try and wait until he arrives before celebrating. Is this a bad idea even if they haven't seen him or our three kids in almost four years? Also, there's a large number of kids, from newborns to age 20, who will get to see each other for the first time. Should I contact the…See More
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Pool your money for gifts

This year, three of my siblings have lost their jobs. This makes a big difference as to what we buy all the kids, up to age 17, because the other three siblings, including my own family, will be getting together and helping those that can't spend the money just to try to make the holidays a little more joyful. Gift suggestions would be greatly appreciated.We bought books this year. Small Walt, by Elizabeth Verdick, has awesome illustrations with a story theme that being little doesn't mean big…See More
Dec 4
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Curing the helicopter syndrome

I have been a helicopter parent for so long that my children, ages seven and nine, are extremely apprehensive of taking any risks in various activities, sports, etc., or doing anything where they may get even slightly hurt or disappointed. What have I done and how do I correct it?My mom was a helicopter parent and it just about destroyed my life. You correct it by letting them be kids without your permission and actually live their own lives. - Brian C. in San Jose, CAFROM JODIE: Since the…See More
Nov 27
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Corner or room better time out

What's the difference between making a child sit in the corner by themselves for a time out and just sending them to their room for a time out? My sister uses the children's rooms and I do the other. She thinks it's okay for her kids to do whatever they want in their room during this period and I don't. Which one of us is actually right and why?We used time outs for our three older children by sending them to their rooms during family time. But, it never really seemed to work because they liked…See More
Nov 20
Laura Davis posted a discussion

Paying aunt to watch kids

My husband's sister has a babysitting business in her house. She is licensed to watch five kids and offers to watch our two kids every other week while we go to job interviews. We both have part-time jobs and are looking for full time work, so money is a little tight. Should we pay her what she charges her regular customers or what we can afford at this time?If your children are taking up space and a time slot that could be replaced with a regularly paying customer, I think she would appreciate…See More
Nov 13
nancy replied to 18watt_fan's discussion Mumps outbreaks nationwide are almost all fully-vaccinated victims
"Same here I go to Bond Clinic with my son but we do not wish to go there any longer. Is there anywhere else besides Robsinson they do not accept insurance?"
Nov 12
nancy posted a discussion

Vaccine friendly pediatricians

Hi Moms, I was wondering who in Polk is vaccine friendly besides Bond Clinic. I found Robinson Family in Lakeland but they do not accept insurance.Thank you so much !See More
Nov 12
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Nov 7





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