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Middle school girl bullies

My daughter had a very hard school year. There are really mean, rude and crude girls in middle school. We went to the office several times…

Started by Laura Davis

0 on Monday

Home party for twins

We have one girl and one boy who are twins. They will be turning five in September and still want to have their birthday parties together.…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jul 10

Don't mention it

We're having our first baby in three months. Apparently, the popular thing to do is to ask grandparents what name they would like to be cal…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jul 3


My two-year-old niece constantly says no. Why is this? It doesn't matter what or how we talk to her. I don't have any children but was wond…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jun 26

Not the normal baby shower gifts

My sister-in-law is having her first baby. It took a while for her to get pregnant. She and my brother have a healthy income and can buy wh…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jun 19

No juice before age one

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines for how much juice babies and kids should drink. It's a little confusing…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jun 12

What to do about head-banging

My two-year-old is constantly banging his head on things when he gets upset. I don't get it. Why is he doing this and how do I stop it? My…

Started by Laura Davis

1 Jun 6
Reply by 18watt_fan

Kids at boss' birthday party

We will be having a birthday party for our boss at my house in a couple of months. I want it to be a time where the adults can have fun and…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jun 5

How to curtail yelling spouse

My husband yells a lot at the kids. He just can't control his reactions when they do something that irritates him, which seems to be just a…

Started by Laura Davis

0 May 30

Handling defiant kindergartner

Our son who is in kindergarten has just begun to be very defiant. His teacher recently took a maternity leave and there's a new one. Is thi…

Started by Laura Davis

0 May 23


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