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Not the normal baby shower gifts

My sister-in-law is having her first baby. It took a while for her to get pregnant. She and my brother have a healthy income and can buy wh…

Started by Laura Davis

0 on Monday

No juice before age one

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines for how much juice babies and kids should drink. It's a little confusing…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jun 12

What to do about head-banging

My two-year-old is constantly banging his head on things when he gets upset. I don't get it. Why is he doing this and how do I stop it? My…

Started by Laura Davis

1 Jun 6
Reply by 18watt_fan

Kids at boss' birthday party

We will be having a birthday party for our boss at my house in a couple of months. I want it to be a time where the adults can have fun and…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Jun 5

How to curtail yelling spouse

My husband yells a lot at the kids. He just can't control his reactions when they do something that irritates him, which seems to be just a…

Started by Laura Davis

0 May 30

Handling defiant kindergartner

Our son who is in kindergarten has just begun to be very defiant. His teacher recently took a maternity leave and there's a new one. Is thi…

Started by Laura Davis

0 May 23

Over-sensitive 20-month-old

Our 20-month-old daughter constantly starts crying over just about anything, but especially if we discipline her. What's the best way to ha…

Started by Laura Davis

0 May 15

How to handle a whopper

Our eight-year-old daughter is constantly lying to us about random topics. Since she is an only child, at first we thought she was making u…

Started by Laura Davis

0 May 8

Mother's Day gift ideas

My mom passed away when I was nine. The three people who helped raise me were my grandmother, an aunt and an older sister. These are my mom…

Started by Laura Davis

0 May 1

Teaching an older kid cursive

We recently moved to a new city and state. Our son is in the fifth grade and doesn't know how to write in cursive. He can read it, but actu…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Apr 17


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