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What to do about head-banging

My two-year-old is constantly banging his head on things when he gets upset. I don't get it. Why is he doing this and how do I stop it? My…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Apr 24

Teaching an older kid cursive

We recently moved to a new city and state. Our son is in the fifth grade and doesn't know how to write in cursive. He can read it, but actu…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Apr 17

Take son to academic counselor

Our son is a sophomore in high school and makes pretty good grades. However, if he wants a big ticket item, we tell him he can get a job an…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Apr 3

Alternatives for good behavior other than candy

When I go to the mall, I take my toddler in his stroller. I see other moms with their kids and constantly hear them bribe them with candy i…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Mar 24

Divert focus of nose picker

My three-year-old son is a nose picker. We just can't seem to break him from this habit and it's embarrassing when he does it in public. It…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Mar 17

Put your health first

My daughter-in-law expects me to keep my three grandchildren every Saturday and they go home Sunday around 3 PM. I realize this gives her a…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Mar 10

Get stepdaughter to make friends with family dog

My stepdaughter visits us each weekend and we enjoy her company very much. However, she seems to be quite jealous of our dog. We're not sur…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Mar 6

Buying bunnies as pets for kids

We have been reading that bunnies can make pretty good pets. Our kids have been asking for one for some time now. Since they are still youn…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Feb 24

Potty training twins

We have twins, one girl and one boy, and are attempting potty training. It's been a tough go because the girl seems to wait until her broth…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Feb 20

Medical ID bracelet very important

Our eight-year-old daughter has several allergies that are severe and we list them with the school and teachers but she also participates i…

Started by Laura Davis

0 Feb 13


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