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2-Year-Old Goes Home After Spending Entire Life in Hospital

2-Year-Old Goes Home After Spending Entire Life in Hospital

Oh, this is such happy news, news that's hard to imagine.  I hope this young lady has a long and happy life with a wonderful transition into her rightful home.  

I can not imagine what this felt like for these parents, not only the health concerns and scares but the disjointed nature of not having your child live with you for so long.

Two of my children have had a little over a week hospital stays and I can contest, I was glad medical was available for them, but I couldn't wait to get them home! 

Have you ever experienced your child living at a medical facility for more than a few days?

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Oh my gosh that little girl is precious! Good for her, going home.

My son was sick a lot...in ER a lot, but only two overnight visits in his 9 yrs. My daughter was born prematurely and had some complications, so she was in NICU for three weeks after she was born. It was lonely at times, but we visited almost every evening, and I had my almost 4 yr old little boy to keep an eye on at home, while also recovering from a c-section. I knew she was in good hands...but I sure was ready for her to come home!

Wow...brought tears to my eyes!  What a special Christmas gift to finally spend it as a family at home!

My grandson, Jeffree was born at 26 weeks just after my daughter's 17th birthday. He weighed only 2 pounds and was a very, very sick little guy. He was on a respirator for several days, then c-pap for weeks and oxygen for months, had 3 blood transfusions, a brain bleed, a PDA (heart murmur) amongst other complications. He lost down to 1 pound 8 oz which may not seem like a lot, but when you don't have much to lose that is a HUGE problem. My daughter had to grow up OVERNIGHT. She was a champ and did better than I would have been able to do myself. Her milk didn't come in, but she pumped every 2 hours day and night for 6 weeks getting only a ml or two each time before even the lactation consultant told her she made a valiant effort but it was time to call it a day. I would drop her off every morning at 5 am on my way to work and picked her up at 6 pm every evening on my way home. She would eat dinner and rush back to the hospital by 8 to give him his bath and weigh him. She would stay until about 11 and then come home and sleep (we lived less than 5 minutes away). She never missed a day. What a strong, young lady I have and didn't even know it. Jeffree was expected to spend more than 3 months in the hospital (until his due date) but only spent 7 weeks!! He came home on the 4th of July, his Independence from the hospital weighing 4 pounds. He is 8 years old now and has been in and out of the hospital too many times to count. Luckily for only a few days at a time. He has cerebral palsy that affects mostly his legs, chronic bronchitis and bad vision (luckily corrected by glasses). He has played soccer (always on the opposite end of the field), taken tumbling classes (with 3 year olds because he can't do the stuff other 8 year olds do) and tries hard to keep up with other kids. Thanks to the Shriner's Hospital they have provided him with leg braces for years, but this past 14 months have been getting tougher and tougher on him. He went through a series of botox shots in his legs that didn't work. He is just weeks away from being in a wheelchair but has been accepted by St Louis Children's Hospital for a very serious, but very successful neurosurgery just two days after Christmas. I will be flying to Missouri on Christmas Day to be there for his surgery. If the surgery is successful, it could keep him out of a wheelchair for much longer and significantly help his gait and balance. He is so excited about the possibility of being able to walk/run around without wearing leg braces. I pray it works and he gets his wish to be "normalish". I know he was only in the hospital 7 weeks, but my daughter was just about at her breaking point. I can't even imagine having a child in the hospital for 2 years. Bless those parents and their miracle child!!

Nijuana, what a story to share, and shared with such pride and love.  Thank you for blessing us with it and the knowledge of your family.  I will be praying for your safe journey, the surgeon's success, and great gains for your Jeffree.  :)

Thank you so much Shawn, I really do appreciate the prayers. My daughter is now a nurse, so she knows all the medical terms and risks which makes her probably more nervous than the rest of us. She was having a hard time making the decision whether or not to risk the surgery because she was worried about paralysis and other complications. She then slept on it and the next day decided to go for it, because Jeffree is already going to be in a wheelchair anyway, so we may as well try to keep him out of one. The encouraging thing about this surgery is that it has been performed more than 2300 times since the early 80's and they have only had 4 minor and easily repairable complications out of the 2300+ surgeries. Also 100% of patients have had remarkable improvement after surgery, so we have faith Jeffree will also see that improvement. 

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