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I got this link emailed to me from the Michael's Craft Store and it looks like fun.  Going to really look into it this weekend and make a list of what crafts I want to try first.  I LOVE the Cookies, Breads and Soups in a jar.  Would be nice to make a few things as well for b-days and stuff.


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Thanks for sharing this link. This is the perfect time to begin making things for next Christmas. With the economy as it is now, handmade gifts are a great help.

These are so cute Tabby! Show us pics if you make any of them.

I'm bumping this topic back up because there are some great ideas at the link Tabby added in case you are still stumped for some of those on your nice list (or strapped for cash flow).   These ideas are made from the heart (homemade) and can keep your budget intact.

Oh, and the site has a part two now!  That means 50 total ideas.  There's surely one that will pique your interest. 

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