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 I have 2 boys. I am going through a divorce and would love to find some fun and friends for my boys outside of the ones they have through his family.  My husband has all his family here and mine is not so local. In a divorce people always chose sides, and I want my boys to have a set a friends in addition to the ones they currently have.  Basically we are going to need a support group in place before the divorce, so they boys do not feel a loss in that department.  You can never have too many friends!

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Thank you for the introduction to your family, and as you mention, family is important, but friends can become like family.    Having good friends is so important to the development of us all.   I'm very sorry about your divorce and I know how it can make you and your children feel very isolated.  My kids lost their very best friends going through my divorce because my then husband set out with an untrue character attack against me to try to gain custody of the children (he didn't want to pay childsupport- as soon as I agreed to half the support amount I'm so suppose to get, the bash attack stopped and I got custody of the children but this didn't fix the damage he had already done) in the end, I was shocked at who I thought I could turn to wasn't there, and were quite the opposite.  It did hurt me, but it hurt far worse seeing my children hurt more when they needed their friends the most.    Life is/was already confusing for them enough. 

The moral of my story is, you will likely be very hurt in all that is happening from many around you and you're a great mom to realize and set out a support system for you and your boys.   It's hard to push past the pain of what a divorce is to come to that conclusion, so I applaud you.   

I have a boy and girl that are 6 and 8.  We would be glad to meet up for a park playdate. :) 

Thank you! I would love to meet up with you and the kids.  I will send you an email with my personal information.  I hope you have a great weekend!  

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