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I will be 36 yrs old soon.  Husband wants to have another baby.  I do too.  But I am worried about my age.  You see young women in their 20's having baby's  but I have not really seen any my age pregnant...  What is the age limit?  Any suggestions?  I already have a 8 yr old and 13 yr old about to go on 14.  Any advice?  Is there anyone else that has had a baby around my age?   Thanks all !!!! 

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When I was 36 I had twins. My oldest was 19. and I had a 13 almost 14 year old and a 6 year old. It is very common for multiple birts to occir at this age.

I had my last baby at 35 an know other ladies who had children in their thirty's. Make sure you have a good doctor an there shouldn't be any problems. Good Luck!

Do what your Heart says. Consult with your doctor and follow the docs instructions Listen to your body.Then...you and your family will have a Wonderful addition!! Good Luck!! :)

What do you think your biggest concerns are when considering conception at 36?

Are you worried about your own health?

The increase chance of birth defects of the baby?

Starting over when your older children have likely become relatively independent?

The increase chance for twins?  Check this link out on more on that, Older Women More Likely to Have Twins.

This really made me put on my thinking cap.  I'm 36, too.  :)  I literally giggled out loud at the thought of having another baby.  Trust me, there are days I have baby fever but then there are other days where I'm so happy my, diaper changing, shoe tying days, are over.  

But... I know I could do it and I kind of did start over with my children at one point.  I had my first son at 20 (first marriage) and then, when he was eight and (I remarried at 25) I had another son at age 28, and my daughter at 30.   There's 10 years between my youngest and oldest.  

I have a hard time considering our age old and too old to have children but like most things a case by case medical history should be evaluated.   It would be best to talk to your medical professional especially about what you might need before getting pregnant.  Some women choose to get vaccine boosters before becoming pregnant and to start a folic acid and prenatal vitamin regiment.   

What ever your decision, good luck and we would love to have updates to your story.  :)

I think my biggest concern is the baby's health at my age and me being 36 with two kids already at 8 yrs and almost 14 yrs of age and that they are already relatively independent. I sit and think- a women my age at- 36 wanting another baby, lol? Like I have said- I do-not know any women my age personally that has had babies at this age. The oldest that I have known was at 34. I will be 36 in Dec. and if by some chance the doc gave me the OK and I did get pregnant right away- then I'd be 36 almost 37 when he/she is born. Is that appropriate? I have brought this subject up once before when I was 34 almost 35 and I had family on my husbands side that made little negative comments that: " I was to old to have a baby at that age." So then I basically hung the idea up on having another... Now in a week I'd be 36 and been thinking for sometime now that I would love to have another but again it keeps running threw my mind on the negative comments I had heard in the past when I was 34 almost 35 about I should NOT try then!!! I guess I just want to see if I am not alone on this or if there is other women that has had kids at 36! Thanks all !!!

My little sister was a late life baby for my mother. My sisters, brother and I were all in our teens(17, 16,15,13) when our little sister was born. Our mom was 39 years old when she was born. Mom lived long enough to see her become a grown woman married to a wonderful man but unfortunately no grandchildren from her. But she has had 4 legged furry children. We are close as sisters can be despite a 15 year gap in our ages. I turned 15 3 days before she was born. My sister is now in her early 40's.

I had my first at 36 and my second 18 months later. Both were easy pregnancies and deliveries, and both babies were healthy.

A lot of people are having children in their mid-30s; since most are career minded and getting into relationships later in life.  I say don't worry about what other people think; if it is something that you and your husband truly want - then its you two that make the decision!  Good luck in what you and your family choose.

I had my four at 31, 33,35, and 37.  We got pregnant at 40 but sadly that baby was a stillbirth (not due to  my age---he was genetically "perfect" but had a cord accident).  I am now 41 and trying again and considering IVF if needed.  My doctors really were not that concerned  about my age until now.  The only issue that I keep getting told is "egg quality".  Talk to a doctor but your age should not be a problem.


I waited until late in life to start my family due to finances and finding the right man.  I am actually glad to be an older mom.  We are financially able to provide for the children without relying on assistance, have money to pay for college, and can  afford vacations/trips, etc. for the children.  I am secure in my job that I can take off time without worrying about repercussions.  I realize that I may not live to see my grandchildren grow up but nothing in life is guaranteed so I can not let the furture dictate my present.  


Good luck in whatever you decide.

I turned forty a week after having my son. My pregnancy was easy enough, nothing for me to compare too though. I had been trying or years but had "trouble." I'm glad I didn't give up, I'm grateful I have this sweet little boy! Yes there can be complications that come with age for mom or baby but I don't think those issues are a big deal in mid thirties. You could get a more thorough idea from an ob/gyn though.
Thanks ladies! All your comments have been very helpful plus positive!!!! Thank You all for your comments on this :) I really appreciate the feedback. I will keep ya'll updated !!!
I was almost 33 when my younger son was born, and my SIL was 37 when her one-and-only was born. I also have cousins who were 42 and 46 when they got pregnant.

Ultimately it's about you and what will work with your family :)

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