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Hi there,

My little guy is just turning two and needs a haircut.  We're pretty new to the area and looking for recommendations.  We are in Bartow but can go anywhere in Lakeland too.  He get pretty scared when he's sitting in the chair so I'm looking for someone who is familiar and comfortable working with small children.




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Jill, I'm  the same as you except my little guy is a little older -he's days away from his ninth birthday.   So, basically I've been on your hunt for a long time (we're in Bartow, too but will go to Lakeland).  I like Ryan to wear a bit of a longer style (the boy has hair a girl would kill for) and I've taken him to salons that have butchered it to bits!   There was a barber here in Bartow for a short time, I think his name was Greg or Craig, that was moving around to Barber Shop to shop that we followed, but I can't seem to find him after he opened and then closed his own shop that was off Main Street.  He does a great job. 

My ex went to a Barber shop with Ryan on Edgewood in Lakeland in a small strip by a shoe shop (it's wear my daughter gets dance shoe supplies, like shoe paint and laces) and they did a fantastic job!   My ex apparently struck up a conversation with this barber about how hard it is to find someone that can do a longer hairstyle on a little boy well and the barber said he has a friend that is also good, closer to us, at the strip beside the 7-11 on 540A and Hwy 98.   We haven't tried this barber shop yet, but as good as Ryan's last hair cut was, I'll probably will be driving back to the place on Edgewood. 

Here is a link to the address and the map of the shoe store.  The ex said the baber is in that same strip

Hi Shawn!

Thanks so much! I'll have to check it out.  Since you're in Bartow do you recommend anyone here for my hair?  I've only seen a few salons but would much rather go somewhere based on someone's experience.  I've had my share of bad cuts/color from taking a chance on someone I don't know lol!

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