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The summer months traditionally set release of major blockbuster movies to our local theaters and as consumers, we take the bite.

I'm curious if you've caught movies this summer:  What did you see?  Did it meet up to your expectations?

Here's what I've seen so far:

I went to see Man of Steel for my birthday (last Thursday).  I actually wanted to see Iron Man 3, but it was finally shelved at the theater I visited to make way for other newly opening movies.  I snoozed I lost on Iron Man 3,  Man of Steel it was.  

And I liked it. Okay.  It wasn't what I hoped it would to be honestly.  It was completely different than what I expected it to be.   For me, it was an opener, the background, for what I hope will be a better number two. 

I liked Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel and I was a fan of his pre-Superman.  I thought he was very eyecatching in The Tudors, which is not an easy feat next to equally handsome Jonathon Rhys MeyersThe Tudors - Season 3 - henry-cavill Photo

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I wanted to mention Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday, too, but, hey, I'm a mom with kids at home and was a bit sidetracked.  Now, I'm back to let you know about my thoughts on this sequel.

And, that brings up a point, what do you all think of sequels?  

When I was growing up, a sequel usually spelled a dud and would never meet up to expectations of the original.   I have to wonder if part of the failure was these movies were loved and did well, and as an afterthought they brought the story and characters back which resulted in not as much success.  Now, the movie industry is creating movies for the purpose to carry on, not telling the whole story to keep you coming back.   This formula certainly seems to work.

And that's how I would describe the Super Man (Man of Steel) and the first Star Trek remake starring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk- openers.  And they were fair movies.

So, now that I've seen this Into Darkness movie as a continuation of Star Trek, I have to say, I'm a fan.   I really loved it and it's the blockbuster I've been looking for.

I couldn't help but notice how many handsome men are in this movie, something about Karl Urban that plays Dr. McCoy and even Khan was a cutie.

Here's a video of Mr. Urban playing "the doctor" from Star Trek

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