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Concerned mom seeking other momma's who have been there and done that.  My beautiful 6 year old boy is having some problems.  He has always been kind of wired, has inappropriate outbursts, cannot complete tasks, easily distracted and a little hyper.  As he is an only child and we do not have friends with children his age to compare it to we always thought this is what a boy is.  He was in pre-k last year and while every now and then the teacher would tell me had a "rough day" and had to get a few think moments it was not overly prevelant.  He started kindergarten this year and the first couple of weeks went by ok, just a few things here and there, but gosh the last three weeks are crazy.  Bad reports home everyday and sometimes from every teacher he went to as in PE, Art, Music and his regular teacher.  Things like cannot sit still, does not follow instructions, hitting other kids, constant talking and doing exactly what he wants, when he wants.  The teacher even had to put him at a desk all by himself because he is so distracting so he no longer is part of table group.  :(  I've been looking on line and am thinking of talking to his doctor about the posibility of A.D.D. but were wandering if some of you have first hand expierence.  How did your child act before and what treatments did you decide on?  How have they worked.  My little man is extremely bright, and he is finding some of things repetitive but the teacher stated that she placed him in the high group, meaning in gets more and different work from the rest as he already knows alot of what they are teaching.  While he might be acting crazy, he is picking up on what is being taught because he tells me all the time.  While recently speaking to the teacher I mentioned that I was concerned about ADD and she was very quick to say well I'm not allowed to say that.  I understand that and honestly would not get upset, but I need to know is this typical behavior or is not,  should a seek help elsewhere or is this something that will run its course.  I'm very confused and concerned about my little man.  I want him to succeed but don't know how to help. Any first hand outlooks would be great and appreciated.   

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You have described my grandson . He does  have ADHD. Has to take medicine to slow his brain down to allow him to concentrate. Any time he gets a lot of sugar in items he eats or drinks away from home , means he will be bouncing off the walls later in the evening. Still wets the bed if he drinks much before 6 pm. This kid is a time bomb waiting to go off. I dread  the next 5 years because when he is 18 , he will be leaving our house.He is very destructive, holds a grudge, likes to harass  the dogs in the house hold.

Have your pediatrician recommend  a psychiatrist for a real diagnose for  you  . You will need to talk with his teachers and have them fill out some papers to get things started.

This is the Dr. that my grandson goes to

Dr Karen Teston MD

1033 North Parkway Frontage Road Lakeland FLl 33803

Phone (863)647-8043

She doesn't want to "label him as ADHD" but  my hubby doesn't think she is the right doctor for him though.

My son's ADD doesn't have the H component. He is just really aloof sometimes...very spaced out in class. Once he loses focus, it's hard to reel him back in! He actually told me that he can't snap out of it sometimes. Teachers have told me that they will call his name and he won't hear them until they put they actually tap on his shoulder. He still has trouble with the concept of time. He is occasionally impulsive but not usually hyper for long. 

At the end of second grade, his teachers started putting pressure on me to medicate him. I told myself that I wanted to wait it out until after 3rd grade. Glad I did, because he is in 4th grade now and doing a lot better. There is no longer mention of ADD on his IEP.

I definitely noticed a relation between certain foods and my son's complete inability to control himself when he was around 3 or 4. Certain red food colorings would make him lose complete control over his ability to sit still.. I told him to stop jumping and sit down one time because we were in a restaurant and he had just eaten three pink jellybeans. He just looked at me with a scared and confused face...He has never really been hyper, so it must have been very scary for him to have no control over himself.

I am surprised at his teachers reaction to you mentioning ADD. I have always discussed stuff like this with my son's teachers, even before he had a diagnosis. Maybe it's different because my son already had some developmental issues and had an IEP. Stay on top of them. 

I would get him evaluated privately, and have the school test him as well...try eliminating certain foods and adding supplements with his pediatrician's approval and read about some non-drug therapies (biofeedback, interactive metronome) and activities you can do at home...If things don't improve you know you may need to medicate. You can discuss that with the psychiatrist when you take him for the evaluation. I have heard that most psychiatrists are quick to medicate but I don't know this to be true since I haven't been to one since my son was 2.

We had testing and evals done through LMHCs, developmental pediatricians and neurologist/neuropsychologist and the school psychologist. We did some therapy sessions with the LMHC as well. My husband's insurance allowed for up to 5 free visits per "issue". We probably went for three or four different issues over the course of a year.

I love ADDitudes magazine. Lots of good info on drug therapies and non-drug treatments as well...lots of tips for home and school life...check it out. 


I linked your discussion, with my thoughts there that can go along with your story, too.   I'm sorry you're worried about this, Hun!  :(    Are things getting better?

Not really, he now has 4 bad days to one good day.  We do have an appt with the guidance counselor, school physchologist and the teacher next week.  He has his 6 yr old check-up tommorow and while they cannot do an evaluation during that appt I am going to bring it up.  He has alot of changes recently we've moved and before moving my father in law lived with us - so he is constantly bringing up how sad he is that his papaw no longer lives with us and wonders why we can't live in a 4 bedroom house so his best friend can still be there.  Most days he cries about it and it breaks my heart.  He also started a different school this year.  All of these changes have come about because of a reduction of income.  We can no longer afford the private school, where he had smaller class sizes and more individual attention.  We are in foreclosure and currently trying to short sale our house - hince moving and no longer can afford to support my father in law and us also.  Trying to explain all this to a 6 year old though is not appropriate and he just doesn't understand the financial aspects of life.  Plus he is a worrier and telling him this would put more undue stress on him that a 6 year old should not be carrying.  So I've been struggling with is this all stress related for him or does he need medical assistance to combat an ADD/ADHD diagnosis.  So I'm confused and lost in the whole matter. 



I posted this not realizing you had a discussion going. I am also having issues with my daughter

Looking for advice regarding daughters behavior in kindergarten. My Kylie is having a rough time behavioral wise in kindergarten. Since school has started she has probably only had about 20 smiley faces in her agenda. Most everyday it is not listening, playing, not keeping hands to self, running, etc. Yesterday it was some of those issues plus pushing/shoving at p.e. I talk with her every morning about these issues and she understands but just can't seem to do it. Every night is a battle with homework. She will wiggle, get up, change positions, talk, sing, you name it she does it. Took 15 mins just to write whole name and date. She is very smart and is learning regardless but I feel so bad that this is happening. I get very frustrated because I know she can do the work but she just won't sit. She ends up crying, I end up walking away and giving up. She wAs good in PreK because the class was smaller and her teachers kept her busy. Her 6 yr check up is not tell Jan and I don't know should I make an appt now and have her evaluated. Her teacher really doesn't say much about it.

I'm sure others have dealt with this. Need some encouragement and advise.
We are going through the same exact thing right now with my 6 yr old son!!! I am trying to stay away from medicating him. Same thing though, maybe only 3-4 green days in Kindergarten since school started :( so tired of the negativity ... Starting to get upset with his teacher ( it is her 1st year teaching kindergarten) Feel like it is always negative, even when he tries to get a green day. I am curious... What Meds have others tried? I don't want to take my baby's spirit away from him by putting him on Meds. :(

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