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My son's Neurologist in Orlando wants him to get the test done.  Has anyone had this done with their child locally in Lakeland and who would i need to contact?  We usually go to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando to get tests done like that.  I already need to schedule his EEG to get done out there this June.  Was trying to avoid heading out there a second time for this test.  Wish both could be done on the same day, but they can't.  When he goes for his well check in June, I can ask for another referral for an ENT.  I think I can find one here in town.  He was going to All Children's on Bruce B Downs, but then the doctor switched to the downtown Tampa office.  Now he's no longer associated with All Children's and sticks to his office in St Pete, a bit further than I want to travel.  Thanks to everyone's help with a dentist, our son is going to Dr. Montgomery in a couple weeks.  No driving way out into Tampa area.  Now I am hoping you may be ale to help me with this test to see about getting it done locally. 

                      Thanks in advance!!!

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One of my boys had the screening for auditory processing done last fall, he's too young for the full testing from what I was told. Our neuro is also in Orlando so we used FL Hosp for the screening, so I'm no help there, but I wanted to let you know it was done by an audiologist - maybe you could contact a local audiologist and see even if they don't do the APD testing, maybe they could let you know who does?


All Children's Specialty Center in Lakeland says on their website they evaluate for auditory processing disorders. All Children's Speciality Care of Lakeland  Now I wish I looked into this before going all the way to Orlando myself! I guess when it comes time to fully test I'll keep this in mind!

Thanks...I did call All Children's (thought about it this afternoon) and Lakeland office does to the tests but only perform 2 a month.  We are looking at possibly July if I get the script faxed over there tomorrow.  Will see what hubby says tomorrow.  It's going to be a fun month because he has his EEG at Arnold Palmer the day after school ends, he has his 11yr check up.  Plus go back I know in July/August for Neuro check up from EEG and APD.  I am also getting the referral for an Orthopedist and that will be in Orlando as well.  With the price of gas, it's going to hurt to keep traveling out of town several times a month.  So much fun...
My daughter is 10 and she got her auditory processing tests and diagnosis from All Childrens in Lakeland.  She had been struggling in reading comprehension for years and finally come to the conclusion there was more to it. The audiologist administrered the tests and she has therayp once a week there.  Have been very happy with the facility and therapy.

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