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What would you do?  Would you alert someone if you saw a child that didn't favor their parents or the majority of the surrounding population in fear they were a victim of kidnapping?

Case of blonde girl beggar rescued from streets strikes nerve in Me...

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If you Google "Blonde Beggar Mexico" you can find a picture of this girl.  She is definitely "white" looking.  I think just with all the daily horrors we hear about that happen in Mexico one would be prone to thinking the worst when seeing something like this.  If her parents were very dark I think I probably would feel maybe she'd been kidnapped as well but if her parents were fair skinned or at least somewhat fair skinned, I don't think I'd give it a second thought.  The article brings up the point that "We need to see a white girl to worry about kidnapping, trafficking of children, and child exploitation." and it is sad but how else is one to "know" or to even suspect otherwise if the child looks like their parent/gaurdian?  Children are adopted all the time but probably not in this particular circumstance.

Photo: NEWS: Case of blonde beggar girl rescued from streets strikes nerve in Mexico; activists see racism. Tourist suspected the little girl might have been kidnapped as her parents are 'brown' ... <a href=

Here is the picture.  I picked it up off facebook, where it seems it was passed around gaining concern for this child. 

It's good to get these pictures out, because, yes, children are kidnapped and taken over the border. But it's not just the ones who look "white" who are kidnapped. They should probably take pics of all the beggar children and post them somewhere ...not just the blonde ones.

It is very possible one of her parents was very fair skinned and/or American or foreign, so it does seem like they should have done more homework before taking the kid away from her mom. If she didn't speak Spanish and seemed to be lost, that would be red flag that she might be kidnapped or in trouble...otherwise, just begging is not really a red flag in a poor country (sadly). This seems like a simple case of both parents having lighter genes in their ancestry, which is usually the case in Latin America...or maybe a case of a questionable identity on the father. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I think the world is becoming a lot more diverse...and it's probably not as uncommon as it used to be to see people in places where they might look different than everyone else. I have known Mexican people who looked lighter than this girl. Have you seen that new Mexican boxer they call Canelo? As Irish looking as they get! 

I married into an El Salvadoran family and there is a lot of contrast in the family, even within siblings. I guess this is because some of my husband's ancestors are of European decent, from England and Spain. 

My husband used to joke around and say that when he was out alone with the kids, people would get suspicious because they look nothing alike! Our son has big blue eyes and when he was younger, his hair was blonde for a while too! Neither my husband or I have blue eyes or light hair!

My husband had one blue-eyed grandparent and my dad has blue eyes. So basically, with no blue eyed parents, and only one blue eyed grandparent, my son got blue eyes! It happens!

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