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From the State of Florida Senate Press Release Link: SENATE APPROVES ADDITIONAL TAX CUTS


Begins August 1, 2014, and ending August 3, 2014.

During the holiday, the following items are exempt from the state sales tax and county discretionary sales surtaxes:
Clothing, footwear, wallets, and bags that cost $100 or less.
School supplies that cost $15 or less per item.
The first $750 of the sales price for personal computers and related accessories purchased for noncommercial home or personal use, including tablets, laptops, monitors, input devices, and nonrecreational software.

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Thanks for posting.  I have most of my school supplies but I always stock up on diapers since they are also tax free.

I went ahead and caved, bought some uniforms this past weekend online for the kids, with a hefty $9+ tax on just one order.   I haven't bought school supplies yet, I might wait those out for tax free day.

Are you waiting for tax free days for school supplies?

Pass. Should just cut and paste my reasons from last years discussion lol! Have most of the supplies bought. Have to get one kid a backpack but that will be an online order. Other kids backpack is in near perfect order and this will be her third year using it. Check out Landsend.com can't recommend their backpacks highly enough. That's also where my diaper bag was from when they were little. Indestructible!

I already bought all my son's school supplies and just need to get him socks.  He can still fit into last years shorts which are in like new condition and picked up his school tees for 8th grade (got a $3 discount on each  one for handing in last years shirts). Got him shoes and hoping they still fit when school starts. Just in case I have the receipt on the fridge. Have a feeling he's going through another growth spurt with all the food he's been piling in his belly. Between May and early July he grew a half inch.  Killing me....LOL

Are you all ready to hit the stories tomorrow? This weekend is the tax free event for the state of Florida for school supplies.

I just made a tax free sale at OldNavy.com.   Considering I spent over $50, my purchase also had free shipping.  I LOVE good deals. 

Ok I wasn't going to do shopping that's why I got all the school supplies several weeks ago.  Well I was out and running to Walmart at 5am, not by choice though.  Hubby accidentally spilled his drink and it was right where I had the supplies.  Had to run up to get another zippered binder, a 3 ring binder, 2 spiral notebooks and 2 composition notebooks.  Luckily the other bag was just out of the area.  So while I was there I picked up socks as well.  Just needs the hair cut.

Was lucky to get the duplicate zippered binder.  When I got it before there was only 3 other blue & black ones and this morning I got the last one.  Red & black was not going to cut it with him (he hates red for some reason).  I put everything in the laundry room out of harms way.  I took it out yesterday because I was going to start putting it together this weekend. 

I guess the tax free is great when you have more than 1 kid to buy for.  Since I only have 1, I don't mind spending tax.  I usually stock up on underwear and socks for everyone else, but just not in the budget.  Not unless hubby uses his Target card or I use the other credit card to get it.  Trying to get balances down as much as possible.

I just had the most positive back-to-school tax free shopping experience ever.   I left my house at midnight to my local 24 hour Wal-Mart tonight and I was the only one there shopping for school supplies.  IT WAS AWESOME.

I've never had the opportunity to shop that section alone, much less on tax free days.  It was so leisure and organized, no foul language, no hip bumping, kids screaming, or babies falling out of buggies.  It was nice.

Saying that, no surprise, I'm done with my school supply shopping and their uniforms came fed-ex today from an online order last week.  I haven't opened them yet, crossing fingers everything fits.

I do need to get shoes and one backpack and I'm done.  I know somewhere in a recess of my brain I'm suppose to be happy for my progress, but I'm still not loving that school starts so soon. sigh. 

Glad you had a great experience shopping.  It's rare I get that kind of tranquility shopping myself.  When I had to run up really early Friday morning it was peaceful then too.  Today I was up at Walmart by 9am and there were a few parents shopping with screaming kids but luckily I did not need to get anything in that area.

I feel the same way with school coming so fast.  It's going by so fast which means our babies are growing up just as fast.  Plus Christmas will be here faster than we realize. My cousin posted this last night.  LOL

Tabby, that's funny.   The thought of the effort and expense of Christmas right now makes my head hurt, lol.  One thing at a time over at my house. :) 

I know the feeling.  The Dollar General Market put out Halloween candy out the other week.  My aunt works at Bi Lots in Kentucky and they put out not only candy, but the fall themed houseware stuff too.  I know Hibby Lobby has has holiday stiff out for a few months already. 

With Jesse being 14 yrs old there's not much to get him other than games for his system or cards to get add ons for the games. Of course Target put the game cards on sale this week and the budget is so tight I don't dare sneeze.  lol 

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