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So, first HELLO!!! AGAIN!!! I have missed you all a great deal!

Long story short, hubby is being transferred back to Florida! :) He cannot make the transfer until either the end of this month or maybe as far out as October. In the meantime, my youngest and I have moved down and in with my grandmother in Bartow. I have been here right at a week, and just found out that Hannah will be zoned for Bartow Middle - a little worried about the reactions I have been getting when I answer the question of where she will go.


So, what is the scoop on BMS? She will be in 7th grade, (when we moved up to Nashville, Tn she had to start middle school in the 5th grade, so not worried about her changing classes.) She has been in band for the last  years and I am worried about her being able to get into it this year.

Depending on what the weather and corp. says will be when Hubby gets down here, and then we will be moving to the Riverview area (that is where he is being transffered to).


I have had kids in Polk County schools previously (we moved to TN in 2010) and have dealt with the following"

Brigham Academy

Inwood Elementary




Elbert Elementary.


Given the older girls who are now 18 & 19 will be staying up in TN, I just have Hannah to worry about school wise here.

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Welcome back, Shannon.  :) I'm glad you gave us an update on what's going on with you, and I love all the pictures you added for us.  Thank you.

I, too, hear a lot voiced about Bartow Middle but wonder if anyone will come right out to say what they feel the problems are with the school.  

I've not had any children go through Bartow Middle.  I feel very lucky that my older children attended Union Academy, the magnet middle school, in Bartow.  This is my hopes for my younger children as well. 

How long will your child have to attend BMS school before you transfer them to a Riverview school?

Well, bad thing for Union Academy and the good thing for Bartow Middle - you will have the Assistant Principal of Bryant Joyner - due to the recent school grades and the MASSIVE shake up of Principals and Assistant Principals.

Me and many others who join me - our opinion - the best of the best!

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