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My son is having some behavior issues at school, we were thinking maybe after school martial arts would help him as an outlet. Has anyone else tried Choe's for this reason? Or any other after school pick up ideas?

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we went to choes for a while. my daughter was asked to leave after about a year. she is very sensitive and there is a lot of yelling going on. even though they weren't yelling "at" her, that is what she perceived so she would get upset and teary. she was picked on, by the adults, for that - 'why you cry all the time', 'she always cries'.

Would I send another child or suggest them to someone else, probably. It just seems that didn't want to work with my daughter.

Summer camp, they go somewhere everyday - the park, movies, bowling, pizza, family fun center, swimming...

The seem to really love the kids.

My best friend had both her kids there for years and I used to pick them up several times a week and she and I both loved it.  They are very caring and loving with the children.  They are also very strict.  Discipline is very important there. They monitor grades and the kids do get reprimanded if their grades drop.  There is a lot of yelling, it's a Do Jo and all Martial Art's places are loud, it's the nature of the business I would say.  The place is pricey but it's definitely worth it. They are family owned and the whole family works and instructs there.  From what I remember, the place is predominately boys.

My son has been attending the Choe's Afterschool Program since he was in Kindergarten. He loves it there. The instructors are supportive and caring. They do learn discipline. If my son ever misbehaves, they are sure to let me know and whatever consequence he had. I feel that they continue to encourage my son not just with martial arts, but to be better both at school and home. 

I say go visit them. I'm pretty sure you can preview a class with your son and see if it sparks an interest. 

We do not live close by at all, I'd say we drive around 30 min each way to go to Family Martial Arts in Lakeland. They are right behind Winghouse in that strip plaza. They have the best instructors, very nice and very organized!  My son well I say he has "ants in his pants", he has a hard time sometimes sitting in class all day. Martial arts has been great for us, he listens to his instructors Mrs. Jennifer he thinks she is awesome. He is on his sixth belt and he's only 5. We love family martial arts and their montly fees are duable, and they have a pick up from school option. I would give them a 5 out of 5! :)

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