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Bill Would Force Rape Victims To Carry to Term as Evidence

Now I know this is a very touchy subject, but I had to toss it out there with my opinion on it.  Although most will not agree with it, I am not condoning or criticizing it.  I do not think they totally thought this through. 

I do not think it is right or fare to force a woman who was raped to proceed with the pregnancy and carry to term to use that baby as evidence.  If they want to abort it, that is their decision and should not be told no they can't.  Yes some do decide to proceed with the pregnancy and whether they decide to keep it or give it up is their choice.  Some decide to abort to help them get over what had happened and not have that reminder for 9 months.

If they were forced to carry to term and gave that baby up, that's another unwanted child in the system that may never find a forever home.  Plus for that woman to give up the child and try to start a new life and forget that horrible night they were raped, to always wonder what ever happened to that child or to have that child show up years later to find their mom.  Not to mention that child never knowing why they were given up and why they were not loved enough to be given up.  It's a lot to think about.

I had several friends in school that went through teen pregnancy and I seen the emotional stress they went through to decide what to do.  It's not the same as being raped, but there was a child involved.

Sorry, I just had to voice my opinion about it.  It is a  touch and very touchy subject.


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The intent of the bill was not to criminalize the victim.  The intent (which is currently being rewritten to clarify this) was to make it illegal for the rapist to force the women into getting an abortion.  For example, in incest, if it is a parent who impregnates his child, he could force her to get an abortion (against her will) thus destroying evidence of his crime.  The bill's intent is NOT to charge the victim if she gets an abortion.

effect moots intent in this particular instance.

Why would a victim be charged for something like that? Glad it's being rewritten to clarify.

I can't imagine a rape victim being forced to abort a pregnancy, but I guess it does happen, especially in some incest cases as mentioned.

There has to be better ways to prove rape though...Can't they make the victim wear a wire or do a rape kit or investigate other allegations, etc....?

How often is rape really proven through DNA of the child born to a woman and a rapist? Still need more evidence than that, otherwise every woman can have a baby and claim rape.

This law sounds like a sneaky way to force a woman to have a baby of a rapist with the way it is written right now.  

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