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Okay ladies, I NEED HELP!!..my MIL and her sister are twins...they have a milestone birthday coming up-60!!...I love both of them dearly.  My dilemma is this-I do not know what to buy them for a gift!!!  I am doing a girls day out with them, but so far I am stuck as far as a gift for them.  I have previously gotten both have lots of jewelry, cloths, purses, personalized photo gifts, etc.  Neither really NEEDS anything, but I want to find something unique for each of them and I am stumped!!!  I have googled, checked Amazon, Pinterest...HELP!!!  any ideas out there???  They are both from south Lakeland.

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Do they drive?  

If you click into this Florida DMV site you can find a system that allows you to check for personalized plate ideas to see if they are available in the state (if they live in Florida).

Just playing around 60sis1 and 60sis2 was available.  Also 60cutie was available too.  You can come up with some better options I'm sure.  

Application for personalized license plate

I bring this up because I've found pretty good success doing this for loved ones that have everything.   I have a friend that did this for her mom one year and that's her gift to her every year, renewing her personalized tag and taking her to dinner.  

I'll keep pondering more gift options.......

HAHA!...cute...one actually already has a personalized tag.

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