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Black Friday Comes Early as Retailers Compete for Consumer Dollars

Interesting.  It almost makes me wonder if the term "Black Friday" could become obsolete.  It seems deals that are okay but not as "rock bottom" as Black Fridays of past are being stretched for days at a time.  The whole premise of Black Friday in the past was a limited amount of items at an incredible cost savings.  There's no way insane price cuts of traditional of Black Fridays will stretch into more than one day  Some retailers are already claiming Black Friday prices.

The link above does add the stores jumping the gun in hopes to win your dollar for holiday season savings.

Is there a particular item this year you hope will be marked down as a Black Friday special?

Are you happy to see Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving night?

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So far the only items are at Walmart.  There is a small TV for $78 in the ad that one of our family members is asking for.  That will probably be the extent of his Christmas as I have to cut way back this year.  Because no one in the family is asking for much, I probably won't have to do any of the Black Friday frenzy.  Which makes me a little sad - I loved to get out early (but not as early as 4 a.m.) to try to get some great prices.

Okay, I did come up with something I'm looking for to be a deal.  Now, I don't know if it will show up as a Black Friday special anywhere, but if it does, please let me know.

This is the only thing Ryan is asking for this year, a Star Wars Trade Federation Multi Troop Transport Vehicle. It's advertising at Target, ToysRus and Wal-Mart for $129 and some change.  I'm sorry, but that's a lot of money for a piece of molded plastic in my opinion.   

Hopefully a better deal will show up for it.

Just seen the ad today that Kmart is opening up at 6am Thursday.  Really??!!  Granted they do have some good deals on TV's if you are looking for some.  Just read earlier that a Best Buy on Colonial Drive in Orlando already have a family camped out there.  That's just crazy!!  Yes they do have door busters items, but most you can get online Thursday.  I'll be ordering what I need online.  Some places already are running better sales than on Black Friday.

If Max Payne 3 is on a X-mas list (PS3 or Xbox 360), you can get it at Best Buy right now for $20. The cheapest I seen it for Thursday/Friday is $25. 

Can't wait to fire up the computer on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday and shop.


As I find Black Friday deals I'll add them.  I thought it was neat to see the Dyson company jumping in on the sale holiday.  Thanksgiving day to Cyber Monday Dyson will impose 25% off on their merchandise.  I'm totally digging the Dyson heater. It looks so cool!

The Apple Store hasn't officially released their specials yet but promise to have some.  Dell is having a Black Friday pre-Sale.

I've searched probably two dozen websites looking for Black Friday sales and so many aren't posting them until tomorrow and mostly Thursday.  I get this works to retailers' advantage- the lack of time to make good price comparisons, but for me, I want the time to comparison shop.  

If you see ads come up, please post them for us.  

I wanted to add this,  Black Friday, Cyber Monday travel deals.

I like the idea of foregoing a lot of traditional gift for a family getaway.  

Locals Ready for Small Business Saturday

The above tells of extended hours by local businesses vying for our holiday shopping dollar.   I can certainly see how small businesses could take a hit with so many consumers spending such a large portion of their holiday budget for big ticket items at chain stores not leaving much budget left to do other shopping.

Do you have a local small business you would recommend for holiday shopping goodies? 

Will be sitting back feasting on turkey and yummy food... no shopping here.  I am very thankful my kids have grown past the stage of the have to have presents etc...  I have been to several Black Friday events but the last one a few years ago just did me in.  I really just can't stand the rudeness and craziness of people over "things" .  

I will be busy crocheting and adding items in my store.  I will break out my sewing machine and enjoy teaching my daughter a few things!!...  Yup that is what I have planned...oh and getting the Christmas decorations out and up.  Happy Thanksgiving to ALL....  Be thankful and enjoy your day with your families!

Best Buy started their Black Friday sale now on most items.  Some stuff ends tonight but there's plenty that will continue.  Target also will have a  few Pre-Black Friday sale items starting tomorrow.  UGH!!!!  I just price matched games Saturday at Best Buy from Walmart's pre sale and today Best Buy puts them on for $5 cheaper than what we just paid.  They say it ends today, but I will check back tomorrow. Plus I can call the store tomorrow to see if they'll still adjust the price.  Kevin and the staff are great at the store.

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