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Let me first say, I really don't want this to turn into a breast vs formula argument.     

Anyways, my twin girls were born on Friday and are doing great.  Like my other children, my plan was to feed my girls formula and breast milk.  With my other children, I returned to work early so I usually was able to pump throughout the day and the children ended up getting about 1/2 of their bottles with formula and 1/2 of their bottles with breast milk.  Due to my schedule, I never breastfed but only pumped .

Anyways, my problem is that my pump is not working correctly and the replacement parts will not be able to be delivered until Thursday.  I have tried a manual pump but with no luck and really do not want to spend 200 dollars on another pump when the parts are on order.

My breasts are now extremely engorged (ouch) and I don't have a pump for them.  The babies have been fed only with bottles since their birth.  I thought I would try to get them to latch on and relieve some of the pain.  However, I am having a hard time getting them to latch on and drink.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions.  Since I didn't start breastfeeding on day 1, is it too late to teach them to latch?   I really only need to get them to feed properly for a short period of time since, once my pump parts arrive, I plan to resume using bottles with pumped milk.


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Rent a pump. I don't know where from, but that's what a friend did.
Hospitals usually have pumps to rent. Call. About latching - see if there is a La Leche League rep at the hospital, or a breast feeding specialist at the hospital that can help. Ask your pediatrician or OB/GYN. Again - call and find out.

My OB told me that all insurances have to cover the cost of a pump for every pregnancy (now) and that even though I had one from my previous baby, if I needed another she could write a prescription for it so that the cost would be covered. Maybe that is an option. Can you hand express or get an inexpensive one just to help for now? I love the Lactation Consultants at the Regency in WH. They are really awesome.

Thanks for the tips.  With a lot of coaxing throughout the night, I finally got one baby to latch on and breastfeed.  Feels so much better now :)

I did know that insurance pays for a new pump but my insurance company does not supply Medela pumps (only Ameda) and I love my Medela.  Never had any problems with it until now.  Just waiting for delivery on Thursday to get it working again and hopefully start getting some breastmilk to my other little girl also.

I think it's great that you want to provide breastmilk with the formula.  My oldest son had a tongue deformity (which he later had surgery to correct) and I could not get him to latch.  I did exactly what you are describing, used pumped breast milk and formula ( we joked and called it premium or regular unleaded). 

I'm so glad you have relief from your engorgement, another topic many of us have been through.   Ouch!!! is right.  Hopefully nursing can help sustain you from more engorgement and "drying up" until your part arrives.   Up all night trying to get a wee one to nurse, you must be exhausted for so many reasons.   

I know it's easier said than done, but try to get as much rest as you can and I know it's safe to say, we are all very excited for you.   Congrats and we love baby updates  :) 

I feel for you.  I had a hard time with my one nursing baby.  Now this was 10+ years ago, but the WH Regency had a couple of ladies on staff that primarily assisted mothers with nursing.  They were such a blessing.  If it hadn't been for them, I may have never gotten to my goal of nursing for 6 months.  Check that out.  If you are engorged, take a shower and let the warm water wash over you, I recall that helped.  I also would use the hand pump from the hospital to release some milk.  I know if I was too engorged, my baby couldn't latch on, so make sure you have some relief from that before trying to nurse.    Good luck!!!

You can also try a Medela nipple shield. If the babies are used to bottles and your nipples and breasts are full latching will be difficult and a shield may help. They are available at Target, Walgreens no nd a maybe babies r us. They are only about $9 so not a lot of money if it doesn't work.
Good luck!
Glad you got some relief, engorgement is no fun! Congratulations on your babies :)

I hope your parts came in and am glad you have found some relief. 

My little guy never did latch so I pumped and fed him through a bottle.  I remember when my flap became to flimsy to provide proper suction and I had to wait several days for a new one, (he was about 4 months old)  I used the manual pump they gave me from the hospital - a lot of work but it got me through, I just wasn't sure which hurt worse my nipples or my arms! :) 

Congratulations and I hope you and your new babies are doing great!

I'm so glad the girls are here -- congratulations!!

I'm also glad you got one to latch.  That's key in relieving engorgement, and when your pump parts arrive you'll be able to get the pumping going.  Twins... holy cats, I'd never presume to tell another mother how her life should work (including how she should feed her children because I am not every mother and every mother isn't me) and most ESPECIALLY with multiples!

Wishing all of you all the best :)

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