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Does anyone have an electric breast pump to sale or give please?

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If you are a WIC client they will give you a manual pump. If you are going back to work or school and can provide documentation and don't take formula vouchers from them you may qualify for an electric pump.

thanks Carla,am going back to work,so i may stop by wic

they used to rent them at LRMC (Lakeland Regional Medical Center), that was 10 years ago, things may have changed, but it's worth a try.

thanks aimee il will check there also.

I have an electric "Playtex" one for sale. I'm asking $20 obo. You can call me anytime at 863-440-3308 -Eva

how long you had that?

It was purchased in 2011. i only used it a few times

thanks,someone gave me one already,thanks again

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