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Does anyone know of a person or business that does specialty cakes?  Something like Cake Boss?  Our son decided he wants a Gears of War (game) cake or a Walking Dead Zombie cake.  Told him that Publix and Wal Mart do not do those cakes.  They most I figured we could do is get an edible image of the Gears of War cog tag with skull and splatter red icing gel to look like blood.  They used to sell  the small action figures, but can not find them to add to the cake.  I used to do that with the Ben 10 and all that because it would never come out for decorations until after his b-day.  His B-Day is Super Bowl Sunday to top it off.  Last time his b-day fell on Super Bowl day he got a Super Bowl football cake with the teams.  He can't be that easy this year could he?  LOL  Just wondering if there was anyone local and what price frame I would be looking at if we were to get one made up.

Thanks a bunch!!!!

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Tabby, I know you are a, get-a-deal-lady, and you could be shocked at the sticker price of a custom cake.   Did you do a search here on PolkMoms?  I know there has been several discussions here for bakeries and private individuals that do custom cakes.  Also search for custom cakes locally on facebook.   Craigslist may have some contacts, too.  

Your post made me smile.  This reminds me of me, rushing to find the perfect things to please my children.  I just can't help myself and you sound the same way.   :)  Good luck!!!! 

I had cupcakes from bake me a cake by Aimee. You can search her on FB. It wasn't too expensive and they both look and taste great.

I know they are a bit pricey although I never priced one.  I was running past hubby last night with edible images placed on the cake.  I can find a picture online and save it to a memory card to get printed up.  Will be doing calls tomorrow to see where I can get the picture printed up and then to see if Publix does a run on edible paper or do I need to get it done elsewhere.  My printer is old and is not good for printing pictures. I could always try to print it at Wal-Mart or Staples and then get it done on edible paper elsewhere.  He wanted not just the guys on there (some bad and good), but a building that was collapsing.  I can scan the game sites for pictures of the game and see what I can come up with.  I was going to buy  the big action figures yesterday at TRU for $18 each, but they are to big for a 1/4 sheet cake.  They are 8" figures.  I'll still call Aimee tomorrow just to see.

I use Yoshi, he's amazing with airbrush. Prices are very reasonable and cakes taste awesome. his # is 863-934-0137.  Check him out on Facebook, you can see all his cakes on there as well.  He's made at least a dozen cakes for me and I just love him! You can find him on Facebook under Lovemycakes Airsharrkinc.  It will have a picture of a red heart holding some letters.  He will do ANY type of Image, action figure, you think it, he can create it. We've done hunger games, ben 10, power rangers, different sports teams, tiered cakes.  We've tried this man's imagination and he has yet to let us down!

Good luck!

I've heard good things about Yoshi too.

Try the Cookie Jar in Bartow


or It's a Piece of Cake by Maggie in Auburndale


I priced cakes and they are pricey, just a heads up!


Try It's a Piece of Cake by Maggie in Auburndale.  They did my daughter's wedding cake.  When we visited her showroom, she has many models of cakes and tons of pictures.  Take her a picture of what you want, I'm sure she can help you.


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