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I can't find the old thread about carpet cleaning services. I need a recommendation. I have had some bad experiences with carpet cleaners in the past.

We have a two story home and going without carpet upstairs is not possible for various reasons.  My next home will have NO carpets! Between my son's asthma, and the upkeep, and finding decent, honest people to clean it...forget it! 

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I've used Ben Rodriguez with Simply the Best Carpet Cleaning (his own company).  He does an excellent job and has very reasonable rates.  He doesn't upcharge like some of the national chains.  For example, oh you want a DEEP cleaning?  that's extra.  Or your room is 2 square feet too big, so it'll cost more.  You get the idea.  asimplydabest@aol.com, (863) 816-8678.

I've never used them, but everyone I know loves this company.  

Elliotte carpet cleaning

And I agree on the carpet.  No more here either.   :)

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