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Child deaths Why are so many children being killed in America?

Child deaths

Why are so many children being killed in America?

Has anyone read this yet?

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It is so sad to see and read about so many deaths among kids.  Even harder that is mostly by their parents hands at that.  I'm sure there are many parents that get so frustrated by their kids and the best thing to do is walk away.  Leave them crying as long as they are okay and walk into another room to calm down.  It is just so sad to look at the news everyday because you just never know how many kids deaths had happened over night.

The world is a beautiful planet inhabited by many wicked people.  One only needs to read the many vile and vicious comments directed at others humans on the Ledger news article comments. So sad and dishearting, to witness continous hate and animosity by the same cast of characters toward others.  The separation of mental harm from physical harm is exceding thin, and easily breached.  So it is regrettably not surprising, that children are also sometimes found in the web of man's inhumanity to man.

children have been get killed for yrs. no one cares, there is no task force. all over the USA children are being killed for the HELL OF IT. example: in mulberry fl. a 10yr old was found hanging from a swing. did the police look into it. (NO. he is a mexico; they wrote if off.) Now the family is getting money from churches and private people to help the family. that is funny. where were they. A family of 12 pp living in a 2 br mobile home. (the are field hands, pp who go from farm to farm to pick fruit or what ever.) no one cares. they are here today gone tomorrow. here is another question. was the kid who died really theirs?


This problem runs deep.....even into our own government.  Our government is rife with child sex-slave traders, molesters and porn collectors. And, of course, many of them end up dead:

A collection of news articles showing examples of those in positions-of-authority who undermine our trust


Including this:

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney asking Donald Rumsfeld and others about the child sex slave rings run by the government:

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