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I love crafting year-round but this time of year gives me an excuse to pull out some extra sparkle and the time it takes to create it. 

Not only crafting decorations yourself can be a fun, inventive outlet, it can also save your family money.

Since the first (of December) I've been looking around online for crafting ideas and I've found a few things worth mentioning but I need more!  Have you found something inspiring to you?

Last year while I was in a department store I saw some cone Christmas trees decorated with tinsel.   I came home and replicated the look with some tinsel swag I had. 

The swag I found free, still in the package, in a newspaper recycling bin and the poster board was a piece I had left over from use as a yard sale sign.  

In the end, this probably took cents to make especially compared to the cost of the designer one I saw in store.  Side by side, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. 

All I did was roll into the corner of the poster board a cone shape and staple and tape it together.  I then cut the bottom to make it a flat circle surface.    And then I used a hotglue gun to roll and adhere the tinsel around the cone.   And Viola!  a modern-bling-cone tree. 

I would love to see your holiday crafting ideas and projects.  If you find some good web links with ideas, please share those, too.

I haven't dug into it yet, but this link looks to have some promise. CRAFTY DECORATING IDEAS

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Oh, I like these, they are gumdrop cones.  This is something little-ones can help do.  Click here to see a picture

I also love these tissue star ornaments from MarthaStewart.com.

I love to craft, especially for the holidays, but this year I have to be extra frugal so I've come up with some really inexpensive or free things to do this year to decorate.

Ryan and Lillian's father ended up buying a real tree from Lowes even though I wanted to go and cut a sandpine at a local state forest, but all in all, the tree turned out to be a beautiful one and a great deal.  

While at Lowes I asked for the branch cuttings/trimmings they were discarding.  To my delight I was given a cart full for free! This is pretty typical and I do manage to do this yearly from some tree vendor or another.  

Here's some pics of what I used them for.

Here is some branch 'swag' or garland, what ever you would like to call it I wired onto a cloth cord.   I plan to wire in some ornaments in the next few days to complete the look.

same with this, here's more garland I plan to add some "bling" to with some ornaments I'll wire in.  I may add a strand of white lights, too.  We'll see.  

Here I added some cut branches onto a chandelier.

some small branches hugging around a hurricane glass on a pedestal . 

Some leftovers I tucked into a green bowl with water.  I love this because this table is beside a couch I like to sit on to watch T.V.  Last night I watched the movie, The Women, and was treated to the beautiful smell of evergreen the whole time.  I just love that smell.  :)

Spreading the branches through out the house makes it smell like Christmas in every room.  

I'm going to keep this discussion going, but I'm trying to break it up a bit. 

While surfing around iVillage I saw they did some surfing of their own by picking up some Chirstmas Crafts from bloggers worth taking a peek at.  Check them out here.

In that above list is this amazing candycane mirror wreath!   Love it! I think I'll pick up some candy canes on after Christmas clearance and store them in a good sealing plastic bin to do this next year.   I've had pretty good success with this for getting candy to do gingerbread house creations at a major discount.  

Since we don't eat our gingerbread houses (just for the creative fun and display) it's okay to use the old candy.  I have a bin specifically designated for this so that through the year, if I find something marked way down, I'll throw it in.  Of course, hard candy only, no chocolate.  Who can save chocolate, anyway, lol.  :)

We did do gingerbread creations this weekend as well as other crafts.  I'll add some pictures and the amazing icing recipe that worked as the best glue in a bit. 

While here I wanted to share another craft that cost us pennies, with stuff we already had around the house. 

I was inspired by this wonderful posting from another blogger for clothespin snowflakes. 

On this one the hot glue shifted a bit (so learn from my mistake <grin>) Lillian (my six year-old) later painted and glittered this one up. 

I think this one "in-the-raw",  no paint and sparkle, is equally as cute.

Love it! I love crafting any time of year but since having my son I'm enjoying this time of year even more!

Last year we made reindeer ornaments by painting the plain wooden clothes pins brown. Light brown for the faces and dark brown on the pin part for the antlers we then glued googly eyes on and a mini pom pom for a nose, glued a loop of ribbon on back that I decided to thread small jingle bells on and voila done. 

I enjoyed seeing those return to our tree this year and was happy little man remembered making them. 

This year we made handprint snow families on shiny glass bulb ornaments. DS provided the snowy white hand print and I painted the dots of coal for eyes, smile and buttons then a dab of orange for a carrot nose and various colors for scarves and some with tall black stovepipe hats. Its been fun. 

We also made a few reindeer thumbprint ornaments putting a brown acrylic paint thumbprint on a gold bulb ornament then drawing on antlers, noses and face with a sharpie. Some received red noses of acrylic pain too. Not sure why but I guess we didn't just love these so didn't make but one or two. 

I love the garlands you made Shawn and I think this year I'll hit the after sales for things to make garlands for next year. Gotta love getting goodies for next year at a steal during the after holiday sales. 

Jen, those all sound adorable!   If you get the chance you should snap a few pics to add for us!  :)

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