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I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and am looking at options for pre-school next year.  This past year he had the amazing privilege of attending Achievement Academy (a charter preschool for children with disabilities/delays) but they did such a great job that he tested out.  We are pretty spoiled because he was there from 9 -2 every day.

Anyway, that's the background and we are trying to come up with a plan for this coming year.  Our budget is very tight and so far the only option I have found in our budget range is College Heights.  I have talked with one friend who's children have attended/are currently attending who is fine with the program and recommends it.  I also visited and did not see any major red flags, but I am nervous because I have also heard negative info from others.  The problem is so far the only negative things have been very vague.. no specifics. 

So, if you have specifics about college heights preschool.. both positive or negative, i would love to have your input.  Also if there are other budget friendly ideas feel free to share.


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