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Are there any good consignment or thrift store in Lakeland?

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I'm not sure of any stores but the consignment event "Just Between Friends" is coming to Lakeland in October. You can get great deals on high quality items. I recommend volunteering so you can shop early, otherwise you may miss out on a lot of the best deals. 



I go to Beverly's it is on Socrum loop road in the Publix plantation square in N. Lakeland I got my son his school clothes there I spent about $30 and that included about 15 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes.
I thought Beverly's was on Edgewood?
Whichever one is on the corner of Edgewood and S FL I like, I like the one my the Publix on Socrum Loop too. Missing Children's on 98 in N Lakeland is more of a Goodwill type place but a good size store and I've had some luck there. Also Kids Korner in S Lakeland - near the Parkway, I think, on S FL Ave - that's a pretty good spot for kids stuff.

Thank you very much! I will have to check those places out!!!


I go to the one in Plantation Square all the time.  I get my son's school shirts there all the time.  Just before school I got 4 of them for $12.  Of course if you are looking to put things in the consignment stores just check out their policies first.  Like now although it's winter, most are taking spring and summer clothes.  I know that's pretty weird.  Plus most have that after 30 days if they don't sell it now becomes the property of that store.  I understand they need to rotate stock as they get new things, but most are not happy with that.  I got a bunch of Disney baby clothes that my son either never wore (washed and put away) or wore a few times (still in like new condition) and I took them to a few consignment stores with no interest in them.  Really??  I tried selling them on here. online and in the local paper with no luck.  I thought the prices were fair (example: I paid $60 for one outfit and was selling for $20...item never worn either).  So I still have them.  I packed them away in Space Bags till I figure out what I want to do with them.

I took the day this past Friday for some 'me' time and thought I would browse some consignment shops.  I found some neat locations and some nice people!  


There is one shopping strip in particular that I thought was fun.   It's on South Florida Ave, across from Louie Macks' steak house.


First I dipped into Good as New Consignment Shop and chatted with Patsie, the owner.   She was such a joy, it was like talking to a girlfriend.  I saw a lot of name brand items and great deals.   There were some adorable Gap and L.L. Bean sweaters for girls that I'm regretting passing up now.  Patsie's store address is 5721 S. Florida Ave, Lakeland and her number is 863648-1252


I also loved walking into the Furniture consignment shop next door, (here is their facebook page Furniture and Rug Consignment.)   They obviously have a good eye when taking in items and some I was told are from model homes that were display pieces.  


I will definitely be back to both and wanted to add them here in case some of you are interested.


For adults or kids or both? Kid Krazy is good. Elegance on a Budget (formerly called something else) in the Staples Plaza on S. Florida is good for adults. I bring my old clothes there too. I have found great stuff at Good Will on S Florida, but it is hit or miss....some days I find nothing, other days I do well, and the price is right!

I don't have any experience with trying to sell anything but buying has not been successful for me at thrift stores lately. I guess I'm just too use to buying on clearance. I ordered leggins and shirts from Crazy8.com for less than $4 and when I tried Kid Krazy they wanted $6-7 for used items. Salvation Army was a bust and Goodwill I haven't been enough since I don't live very close by. I personally would check out clearance items online. Plus if you can score a coupon, even better. Family Fun magazine has 20% off Gymboree or Crazy 8. Shipping is usually $5 flat but I justify coupons and not using gas make up the cost. These are the lowest prices I can find except Target. Their $5 rack which is sometimes marked down to $4 is great for play clothes. Walmart is cheaper but I'm not a fan of their toddler section. If you do find success elsewhere, I would love to know!

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