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Just like this link says, Could you have the flu?,  by Dr. Claire McCarthy it can be hard to differentiate if one has just a common cold virus or the flu.  The link can be helpful on what to expect if you do come down with the flu and the best ways to deal with the illness.

I'm kind of in the boat myself, do I, or did I, have the flu?   Even though I did get a flu shot this season it's not a guarantee that I won't pick up the flu. Over the holiday break me and the kids have been fighting a serious funk, two of them ended up on antibiotics, one with a sinus infection and the other with bronchitis.  I think I'm getting close to being ready for antibiotics myself.  I've hit a plateau where I'm just not getting better and my fever is back.   

Do you have a suspicion or know (testing) that the flu has hit your household?  


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My son and I were both sick before Christmas. We weren't horrible (no fevers), but we were flying (connecting flights) and that can be brutal when you have a cold...so we hit the clinic. They tested him for flu, but not me.

I have sinus issues, so they gave me antibiotics for that, and steroids. They gave him the same.

They said they tested him because they don't want to miss the flu in an asthmatic. He was negative. I assume I was too. 

Feel better! With this cold weather to boot, you must REALLY feel like staying in bed! 

Thank you, Jmarr!  I actually went to the doctor this morning and they gave me a z-pack for a sinus infection.   I'm ready for it to bring on feeling good.   :) 

I hope you and your son are feeling better, too! 

I don't know if I had the flu, but I definitely had a virus of some sort, fever in the initial and then no fever with all the cough and drainage (even from my eyes!-yuck) and it started getting thicker and greener (sorry for the TMI) and then a slight fever came back over a week later, I think this is when the actual infection was taking hold.  I'm so grateful for these antibiotics. 

I hope everyone is staying well out there. 

Both my boys were sick last week and I was sure it was the flu, especially as my Monday morning started with my high schooler face-down in the toilet.  I would have blamed semester exams for that, but the 102 temperature made it clear that he wasn't just ill over testing.  When my younger son started feeling sick after he got home and was breaking 100 before bedtime, I knew we were heading to the doctor the next morning.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when we learned it wasn't flu -- the doctor as well!  So they were diagnosed with bronchitis, put on antibiotics, and we're back on schedule.

Of course, the high schooler now has to make up all his semester exams.  Ugh -- his poor teachers.  I've told them he's completely at their disposal/ convenience this week, and he already too two exams this past Friday and has two more scheduled... and he hasn't even been back to school yet, so I'm glad we've got so many already in line.  Now he's just got to get the remainder set and I'll be able to breathe again.

We are in the homestretch.  Typically and traditionally February is the peak of flu season with January making a close second.  Considering we are on the tail-end of February, hopefully we won't have to worry about the flu much longer.

I'm seriously knocking on wood, this season I did not get as sick as I typically do every year, although I did have a sinus infection that started out as viral, I am so grateful for better health overall this winter.   I can't help but wonder if the flu shot helped me this year especially after reading this:

Death toll from flu rises as H1N1 strain returns, with ‘young invin...

I don't think I was exposed to the H1N1 before my flu vaccine and it definitely doesn't sound like something I want to Tango with.  

How are you all holding up?   

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