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This link, Cruise ship runs aground; deaths reported, gives some timeline updates in this story 

But here is where this leaves a reading momma choked up herself.   Excerpt from Passengers tell of panic on wrecked cruise ship

She choked up as she recounted the moment when an Argentine couple handed her their 3-year-old daughter, unable to keep their balance as the ship lurched to the side and the family found themselves standing on a wall.

"He said 'take my baby,'" Mrs. Ananias said, covering her mouth with her hand as she teared up.

"I grabbed the baby. But then I was being pushed down. I didn't want the baby to fall down the stairs. I gave the baby back. I couldn't hold her," she added.


I LOVE to cruise and in the back of my mind I realize this thing can happen but it's still pretty shocking to hear of this tragedy, especially with confirmed deaths.  Very sad!  

I don't believe a story like this will keep me from wanting to cruise again, how about you?

My thoughts most definitely go out to those experiencing this tragedy and to the families of those that passed. 

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I keep checking for updates - was just surprised to see the captain was arrested for manslaughter charges. http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/232044/250/Captain-arre...

Me, too, Alicia!  I was just coming to post that myself.   The account I read doesn't give great detail on the thought process.  It makes me wonder, is there good reason to suspect this to be more than a tragic accident?

I'll go read the link you added to see if there's more clues there.


This cruise line has had problems before...


The Concordia had a previous accident in Italian waters, ANSA reported. In 2008, when strong winds buffeted Palermo, the cruise ship banged against the Sicilian port's dock, and sustained damage but no one was injured, ANSA said.


More bodies recovered from inside ill-fated cruise ship

Above is an update that tells a little more of the ship's captain arrest, the discovery of two people still alive and rescued and the sad recovery of two more bodies.  

Still, there are people unaccounted for.  :(  

With the eyewitness accounts, or rather it could be said victim accounts, it sounds as if it was every man for themselves and complete chaos.   I know when I took a cruise, the safety drill was very eye rolling and nonchalant on the passengers' part.  No one paid attention to the crews' instruction and it seemed they had a hard time maintaining control/attention of the passengers there to really push along the safety procedures.   I wonder, when a story like this presents, if future passengers will pay a little more attention to instruction?

When you've cruised in past,  how did the safety instruction go- were the passengers attentive?  Was the crew thorough?

What do you think about the abandoning ship charge the captain received?  Do you think that's old school or he should be responsible and on board until the last 'man' out?

One of the first articles I read said the safety instruction hadn't been done yet, that it was scheduled for the next day. One of the passengers said she and her husband had joked with each other - but what if something happens before then? I'd have to look to see if I could find it again.

I was not only surprised about the abandoning ship charge but that it was a more serious legal charge than the manslaughter charges. Although I read today the captain got off around midnight and many passengers were on until 6 am. It seems to me the captain is the one with the most training on handling a naval emergency, they should be helping, although I can't imagine the fear.

Cruising has zero appeal for me.  This type of story does nothing to change that.  From the instant I heard this headline and saw the pictures - with the navigation technology that has to have been on the bridge of that ship - I simply cannot understand how this happened?  How did they get so close to those rocks?  This has shades of the Titanic - except this isn't 1912!

I was interested in the development of a proposed how and why to this accident- the captain went off course as a favor to one of the ship's employees.  The employee is said to have wished a close-by sailing to acknowledge some family members and friends on shore.

Did cruise ship captain veer off course as a favor?

The following video outlines some sad folks here in the United States worried and wondering the fate of their loved ones.   An American couple has yet to be accounted for.

This video (below) shows some on-board footage after the accident took place.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Italy cruise ship rescuers find 13th body

I understand this is a very large ship and it must take time to do a thorough search and rescue mission but I'm still surprised it's taking so long to recovery bodies.  According to the link above, a woman was found dead yesterday and another today.

Even sadder, there's still over a dozen people still unaccounted for.  :(

American Couple Identified Among Costa Concordia Bodies

Here's an update to this story from months ago.  Considering the weeks and weeks that has gone by since this accident, it's hard to fathom bodies just recently being recovered and identified.   I suppose it's better than not at all.   There are still 2 missing in this tragedy.   I'm hopeful this will give some closure to the families of those identified. 

I can't help but feel a little riveted to the updates of the rising of this monstrous ship.  It is huge! 

Have you been watching?

I just listened to a video report that said there are still two victims unaccounted for.  There is hope that these two could be found but also realistic reasoning tells many that after 20 months has passed it just may not be possible.   Very sad for the families. 

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