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I used to belong to one years ago and was thinking of going back to it besides doing Fit Camp on Saturdays again.  I seen online there is one left on Duff Rd.  Wondering if it is still open and if so does anyone from here go?  Wondering what their fees are now?  I know they offer a free week trial but don't want to do that yet till it's closer to tax returns.  This way I can sign up if I decide to. 

I have lost a good deal of weight and have excess skin that needs tightening.  Using machines for resistance would help.  Fit camp and walking only does so much.

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I go to the Curves in Winter Haven and the monthly fees are around 41 dollars.

That doesn't sound to bad. I know I could go cheaper at another gym, but I liked Curves when I was there. No pressure and no funny looks with body images.  Thanks!!

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