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I found this interesting.  While surfing the net I ran into a blog describing a breakthrough hair coloring alternative.  I took a bite.  I ran on over straight to the mentioned source, eSalon, Custom Formulated Haircolor.


It seems appealing to be able to tweak and formulate your own hair color all at the touch of the computer keyboard.



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It may seem appealing, but consumers really have no idea what it takes for a seasoned Cosmetologist, like myself, to formulate color. I have invested over $25,000 into my education, to date. There are several factors to consider when formulating color; chemisty, percentage of gray, tonal value, desired level, condition of hair, and more. For example; if you are a natural brunette with 75% gray and you want to be a redhead, you can't just apply red to your regrowth and get the tone you want. Red on 75% unpigmented (white or gray) will turn pink. Or, you'll have "hot roots," a term for women who have a ring of brighter color at their scalp, than on their ends. The really fun part of coloring your hair at home is when your hair turns green, blue, pink, or orange! Then, you're stuck until you can find a stylist to fix it. And, the next time you are out to dinner, take a look at the women around you. Box color, or any color she did herself (unless she studied cosmetology), will be flat, uneven, and will look unhealthy. Find the woman with the nicest hair in the restaurant, and I guarantee she will give you the name and number of her stylist. A stylist she's probably been going to for years.

Also, that website is charging you $19.95 for your color plus $4.95 shipping and handling. That's $25 to do it yourself and risk ruining your hair. The standard single-process color price in Lakeland is $60. And that comes with a guarantee that someone trained in color knows what they're doing. Standard color-correction here is $100/hr. What do you think is the better deal?

Tell you what, you try that site. When your hair is ruined, message me. I'm booked until January, but I'd squeeze in a color correction for you. At $100/hr. Or, you can find a salon here in Lakeland, become a client of theirs, and enjoy whatever rewards program they offer. Stylists take care of their regular clients. We know in this economy, it's harder to afford getting your hair done. That's why we offer loyalty programs, referral programs, and even retail rewards.
I realize this is a long reply to your thread. I also realize that you had good intentions upon posting that offer. Just be wary of offers like this one. As a seasoned stylist who's chosen career is making women look and feel beautiful, I really hate to see smart women taken advantage of.

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