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Dad Says He Delivered Baby After Doctor, Nurse Fled

The above family was at the hospital, the wife was in labor (with an inducing drug drip going).  The doctor had to leave for another emergency c-section.  The staff cleared out, too.  The husband and wife were left alone, the baby was coming, so the father had to do what had to be done.  He delivered his daughter.

I remembered being worried about this very thing.  While in labor with number 2, the doctor was coming back and forth from my room to another birthing mother.   A nurse told me I was ready to push and the doctor was actively delivering another baby.   The doctor did make it in time, thank goodness.

My story felt like a close call, but I can't believe what this family had to be feeling.   

Have you had a close call yourself?  Ever had to have a nurse deliver you because the doctor was M.I.A?

Can you imagine?

And on an end note, how come so many crazy stories come out of Florida?  This one is brought to us via Boynton Beach, FL.    

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Wow!  Kind of neat really. 

I know one of my good friends, here 2nd child came so fast.  They walked into the hospital at 11:30 and she had her at 11:40!  She had just gotten to her room and in bed, the nurse walked in and my friend yelled the baby's coming, her husband caught their daughter!  Crazy! 

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