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 Whoa!  What a spider!  Can you imagine finding this in your fruit.  Check it out!


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That scares me, spiders and snake are NOT my friends. . .

I was at my local Publix (lake gibson publix, 98N) a few weeks ago and the woman checking out in the aisle next to me had a spider in her bananas too. She must not have noticed it when she got them or put them on the conveyor but when the cashier put them on the scale to weigh them she noticed it and freaked. Nobody around would touch the bananas, it was almost comical to watch at the time. They ended up getting a plastic bag to use as a glove and dumped the bananas in a paper bag, folded it up tight and just threw it in the trash. I did not get a close up of the spider to know what it looked like but it was as big as the spider in the video. YUK!!

Classic case of why there will seldom be concensus on most issues of the day.  Do we spray all food products, and maybe suffer over a long time period, the effects of pesticides.  Or do we go organic, and highly limit the use of pesticides on our food stock.  The other issue is food prices. Not withstanding the normal cost to produce and get food to the market and in our fridge, such as labor and transporation (fuel) cost.  How about the cost to grow a bushel of food with out herbicides to control invasive plant growth on the crop lands?  Do we go purely organic, and let the poor, the lower middle class suffer the effects of such a cost for nourishment?  Or do we use herbicides and their beneficial side affect, more bushels, less cost, more supply. 

When they highlighted the boss of one of the "banana companies" on Undercover Boss, they showed the bananas going through a wash cycle..  I guess DelMonte doesn't do the same.  I know I'll look at my banana bunches alot closer now!!!


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