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Did Watching Netflix Just Get Cheaper?

Good news?  Maybe not so fast.  Netflix is allowing new account registration for a dollar cheaper a month for one device.   Another option is to stream to up to 4 devices for $11.99 a month .   You can get two device viewing for $7.99.

My oldest son gifted me Netflix for Christmas and I have to say, it is easily addicting.   I was able to catch the first season of Scandal that I didn't catch and the first two seasons of the BBC production of Sherlock for which I thoroughly enjoyed.

So, being a Netflix newbie, are there any tips or stories you want to share about the programming?   Have you ever considered using it as your sole source of television viewing and dropping cable/satellite ? 

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I just ditched Netflix because of the add-on charges.  Now to be honest, yes we as a family loved our Netflix and we all had our own shows and movies but now I don't see much "new" and with the add on for the devices... we have way too many, tablets, phones, laptops....lol  Now I do have Amazon Prime, this is my 2nd year of having this because we all order and get the free shipping but also get the movies.  I did notice they do charge for shows like Scandal but I am caught up and should I miss I can catch it on ABC.

When we lived in Bartow, we did give up Comcrap.. aka Comcast... got tired of paying for cable that never worked, that is also when we started with Netflix and used it as our sole source of TV along with online network...

We just talked about this and now Netflix has come up with another pricing angle.

Netflix to increase subscription prices

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