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Do You Make a Point to Eat Healthier While Pregnant? Plus, the Best Foods To Eat When Expecting

I admit I don't eat as healthy as I should but I would also say pregnancy did bring on healthier eating habits that I carried over after delivery.

In my first pregnancy I was consumed with just keeping anything down (see Hyperemesis Gravidarum discussion) but, for my second and third go around, I made a point to add in some extra good stuff, even if I didn't like it.  After all, those 40 weeks weren't about me, it was about doing the best I could to provide the best, to my ability, environment for my growing baby.

Red pepper was something I use to never eat, and I added while pregnant.  Now, I actually love and crave it.  

Something I also increased while expecting is nuts.  Not only are they packed full of good for you "stuff", they make for such quick-during-the-day snacking, too. I do actually love them, pregnant or not, but try to consume in moderation when not pregnant because they are so fattening.  So, yes, I upped them while pregnant for the babies, but after, they're really just special treats. 

Here's a great go-to list of things to increase for optimal nutrition while expecting.

Best Foods to Eat While Pregnant

What about you?  Do you eat better while pregnant?  Did you have any healthier eating carry-over after you had the baby?

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