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With Christmas fast approaching and money being tight with families, I was wondering if you re-gift?  It doesn't matter when you got the gift (birthdays, anniversaries, and such), sometimes you just have that one or several gifts you look at and think, I bet that would better be at Aunt Molly's house or Uncle Joe could use it more than me.

I will admit, I have re-gifted in the past.  Luckily it went off without no one knowing.  I've been trying to think of what to do for my dad (the jerk, saying it nicely).  He usually gives hubby and I a check for $50 to split and would give Jesse $25 as well.  Last year we got the check for us, but he got Jesse a personalized wallet.  The kid has dozen of wallets and doesn't use a one of them.  Last year I got a Christmas coffee mug done up through WalMart with Jesse's picture on it and sent him candy as well.  This year I was stumped.  I looked at a personalized drink coaster set, but not sure if I really wanted to spend money as I have not heard from him in a month since my grandmother passed away.  I was sorting through things in the laundry room and came across a nice candle set that I got for my brother in law and his wife years ago, but never did send it to them.  I am going to send that to my dad along with Jeses's school picture in a nice (cheap) frame.  I'm not going all out for him when he can't even return my call, Facebook post or email.  I didn't even hear from him on Thanksgiving.  Yet I know he's been on Facebook because he is always commenting on my brother's wife posts and pictures as well as their kids.  Oh well.

Anyway, just curious as to if you have or intend to re-gift?  Going to be fun to read the posts :)

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I have re-gifted before.  Usually bath & shower gel, body spray or candles in scents that I don't care for, but think someone else will like.  More as a token gift for someone that you want to do something for (you want them to know you appreciate them).  And I agree, money is so tight but you want to do for others.  It also adds just a bit to a plate of home-made cookies or a tin of home-made peanut brittle.  I put a lot of love in to the last two items, but sometimes I feel they are not enough.  I also re-gift the tins, plates or plastic ware that I use for them too!  Most are too pretty to throw away and I can't store them or use them all.

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