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Does anyone know of a nice inexpensive place to rent for a baby shower???????

I need a place that can hold 100-125 people. Preferrably in the Winter Haven/ Dundee/ Lake Wales/ Babson Park area.

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We get this question a lot on PolkMoms and I'm starting to wonder if Polk County doesn't have enough options for inexpensive meeting places. 

Since I'm a Bartow girl I can give you some options that I know of that I've attended gatherings at just in case one of these works for you outside the areas you mentioned.

This is the rental information for the Polk County Historical Court.... The prices do seem steeper than I remember them being but, what you categorize as inexpensive and what I do, could be two different things.   :)

Also, I've been to very large gatherings at Mary Holland Park.  They have a few large covered pavilions for large parties.  This may not be an option for you if you want something indoors.  Here is a map to their pavilion locations with prices.

Here is a listing of City of Bartow rental rates for their community centers

There are nice places in the city of Auburndale. Been to showers in the city and having a small wedding in Nov on the Lake Ariana. Price list is on the cities web site and what it includes.

I'm in North Lakeland, but you could check out local VFW out your way. They do rent their halls here.  Also the Knight's of Columbus rents theirs out as well. They aren't to much money.  Also try the Eagle Ridge Mall.  They have conference rooms they rent out as well.  Not sure this would be a great place, but even some nursing homes rent out their auditoriums.

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