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Yesterday my Granddaughter ate a ONE piece of War heads candy and started complaining her tongue was hurting. I told her to let me take a look and the skin was missing. I sent the makers of Warheads candy a message on facebook and was shocked at their response. Check it out below...

Hi Terri. Our Extreme Sour Hard Candy is coated in malic acid (similar to citric acid), which is derived from green apples, and it gives the candy the sour taste before it wears off, usually in 30-60 seconds. It's very unusual for a single candy to cause this, but that's why we print a warning on the package. "WARNING: EATING MULTIPLE PIECES WITHIN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME MAY CAUSE A TEMPORARY IRRITATION TO SENSITIVE TONGUES AND MOUTHS." Thank you for your feedback.

I think this is far from TEMPORARY IRRITATION. Has anyone else had this problem? 

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My goodness, the picture says it all.  I have never heard of this, 

I did find a link of dentists dissing the candy,

Dentists say battery acid and popular sour candies share a common t...

Wow! Thanks for pulling that up. I never knew that. I will make sure to never give my kids these type of candies again.

I know my younger son ate a similar type of candy and ended up with a sore tongue for several days, but that was due to him eating WAY more than just one piece.

If there are a lot of these reactions out there, then that is a problem. I would do some Google searching. If not, perhaps she was allergic to something in it, or sensitive to an ingredient.

Maybe the candy was defective. Did you try one to see?

I bought one of those huge round lollipops at Cracker Barrel once. The surface was smooth, but once you get past that, it gets a little rougher. My son licked it so much it became painful and his tongue began to bleed...but it looked more like one little raw spot...not that big!

She only had one piece and ate it. But after reading online, this problem is common and as Shawn post above, Dentist advise you not to give this type pf candy to your kids because it eats the enamel off their teeth. I guess she has a sensitive tongue and the makers of Warheads candy covered their butts by adding this disclaimer to the package.  "WARNING: EATING MULTIPLE PIECES WITHIN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME MAY CAUSE A TEMPORARY IRRITATION TO SENSITIVE TONGUES AND MOUTHS." 


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