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We're having our first baby in three months. Apparently, the popular thing to do is to ask grandparents what name they would like to be called by the child. In my day, the grandparent just waited to see what the baby came up with, which I really like. My husband's parents came up with some names that I simply dislike. How do I tell them this and should I do it or my husband? Or, should we not even mention it?

It seems to me that you are worried about something that is pretty small in the great scheme of things in life. If you start rocking the boat with your in-laws this early in the game, you may be sorry down the road. Also, being a dad, I could have not cared less about grandparent names. As long as they loved the kids and the kids loved them what they called each other was just not important. - H. R. in Little Rock, AR


Personally, if I were you, I would not mention it nor do I think your husband should. His parents came up with the names that they want their grandchild to call them for a reason. It might even be a nice gesture on your part if you asked them about how they chose them. Maybe having more information on their choice of names might ease your dislike a tad. Also, in the end, your firstborn may decide to call them something else anyway. For example, for whatever reason, one of my grandmothers wanted me to call her by her first name, which was Ola. I guess either I could not pronounce it or actually heard, “Lola.” She has been Lola ever since. Even other family members call her that as well as many of her friends. So, as you can see, children will frequently come up with their own names for grandparents and they usually stick because they're cute and creative and have a little story behind them. Once the baby is born, believe me, this will be the least of your concerns. For now, just go with the flow and focus on the near future.


We have one girl and one boy who are twins. They will be turning five in September and still want to have their birthday parties together. We also enjoy this but the older they get the more the party seems to cost. This year we would like to have a party at home to help save on the cost, especially since they now have school friends that they want to invite. Are there certain party themes that have been a success for a girl and a boy this age and maybe even for a birthday party given for two kids at the same time?

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