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Election results are posting all around us: online, by radio, in print, and on television.  If you want to stay abreast to local and state results, be sure to check in on the Ledger's reporting.

I did mention I could not wait until the election is over.  I'm ready to chat and explore other news worthy topics, but most of all, the end to the political phone calls.  I mentioned calls up to the last 30 minutes of polls being open last night, but sure enough, I received one last phone call at 6:51 p.m when voting lines closed at 7.   So. glad. it's. over.

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I have never been so glad not to have a land line :D  I've heard people all over complaining about the phone calls. No landline and a prepaid cell phone have their advantages...especially come elecion years!!

I went to sleep last night with no idea of who was in the lead or who had what states. I looked once online, but too early for any real info then went to bed. When I woke up this am pulled up a news site on the ipad to find out results. I must say I was actually suprised there was a declared winner - I was SURE it would be weeks of recounts or legal battles, I've always been a pessimist lol

Still too close to call, Florida may be undecided for days

It's a good thing campaigns aren't hinging their final outcomes on Florida.  :/

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