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Wow...Going through things and deciding they need to go is rough.  I had a few breakdowns, but it passed and was able to get past it.  I loaded up the trunk and backseat of the car with everything.  Went out this morning and dropped it all off at the Goodwill Truck by Save A Lot.  Seen that they also have a book drop box which is great because I got A LOT of books.  Between kids books and books I read.  I can go through a book a week.  Thank goodness I can also get free e-books off Amazon.com for the Kindle Cloud Reader between the books I read coming out. 

Got some stuff heading to hubby's co-worker tonight too.  Tonight I have to fix the wall the shelf fell from and go through things in the living room too.  I want to put up the coffee table.  It was so hard for me to think about parting with a laundry sorter I got years ago to out toys in.  So I figured out how to take it down and was able to slide it in the laundry room beside a shelf unit.  I know I can find a place for it later on (maybe in our closet). 

It is hard, but it needs to be done.  It does feel good to see things looking better and knowing that what I dropped off will go to good use.  Had wished to donate to a family on here, but no one responded to my post so I took it off.  From now on there will be no more getting things just because it's a good deal.   LOL  If only!!!

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It is hard to purge with things we collect if not for an emotional attachment but also for the physical and mental toll it took, the want to obtain it.   Good for you Tabby! :) 

Thanks.  It is so good to look into the laundry room and actually see the shelf unit at the end rather than a mountain of junk.  I had set this as one of my New Years Resolutions so even though it's been slow it's been progressive.  Like they say "slow and steady wins the race"...LOL 

Got A LOT to do, but realize it doesn't have to be done in one day.  I get newsletters from FlyLady and she's been doing a 40 box challenge (something around that number).  Just take a box or two a day and go through it.  Also she suggests setting a time limit to go through things (even if it's for 30 mins a couple times a day).  Does help.

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