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Fake Marijuana Holiday Puts Damper on Kid's Birthday Party

I thought I would put this out there in case there are some of you (like me) that aren't into pot pop culture. 

I seriously had no idea that 4-20 as in, April 20th, is a pot holiday.  Apparently, or so I've been told, the optimum time to jointly light-up for those that partake is 4:20 p.m. on 4-20.   

I'm 37 years old and didn't find out until my 35th year of life, like this time a couple of years ago, this was even a thing.

My high school aged son asked me, "Do you know what today is?   And he then informed me what he learned at school that day.  Apparently a group of kids were getting together to celebrate.  Thank God he declined an invite.

Lovely, learning from my kid. 

And speaking of invite, a mom (her story here) planned her child's upcoming birthday party on 4/20 from 3 to 5 p.m. and was like myself, unknowing to such an existence of this type of calendar marking and she's actually having people decline to come to the birthday party.

Can you believe it?

Moral of my post?

Know where your kids are at 4:20 on April 20th and don't plan events on that day either if your attendees might want to celebrate in other ways that day. 

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I heard of 4:20 being the time to smoke, but I never really heard about the day 4/20 being a holiday! This must be a kid thing (high school/college) because I can't imagine people with tight schedules, careers, families, etc. taking time off just to participate in something so silly! 

If I were this woman, I would purposely make my parties on that day every year so the stupid people who asked her to move it will not show up! If smoking is more important than their family, they can stay home. 

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