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flannagan (her) and shore (him) flannagan came back to a  house they shrared to find another women in her bed she proceeded to grab the girls hair while shore then grabbed flannagan and threw her to the floor and proceeded to choke her until almost passing out left marks on neck. mind you shore made a choice to grab and choke flannagan instead of calling 911. he ran from the scene when flannagan called the bartow police so she proceeded to follow him with her truck while she was on the phone with the police dispatcher so he doesn't get by with choking her. he ran to someone's house and the dispatcher told flannagan to stop following him so she stopped went back to there residience and waited for the police. she told them the truth about everything her grabbing the girl and all. then he called the police after she did. told the police she tried to run him over mind you she was on the phone the whole time with dispatcher. He lied to the girl witch said they had been split up for 2 months (wrong)lease in both names there is a child involved (sad) witch was no were around the episode that happened. He called chocking her self defense not she touched the girl not him. also said she tried to run him over wrong, on foot (vs) car, car would have won if that was the truth. so she went to jail he did not both has priors  goes to show you it doesn't pay to be honest and you can lie and cheat and choke and get bye with it they both should of went to jail. call 863-534-5034 LT. Mcclane and Chief Deputy Hall of bartow police for your voice to be heard that shore goes to jail also spread this story to friends and family and  so they can call to give your opinion.

                                                           Thank You For Listen

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I'm a little confused. Do you realize that random strangers can not just call Bartow PD to just give an opinion if they didn't witness the incident? I'm sure sorry to hear of what happened, but the alleged victim may need to keep away from this man. It's as simple as that.

Flanagan (?) attacked the woman in the bed.  She should go to jail for assault. 

I don't get this at all.

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