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does anyone have recommendations for a family dr for myself? I'm new to the area so I don't know anyone to ask. I am located in N. Lakeland area.. Thanks for any input you can give me.

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We go to Dr Hardigan at Watson Clinic.  He is great and I'm not just saying that to toss patients his way.  He will not send you for tests that he feels you do not need and make you spend money you really need.  Been going to him for 5 yrs and love it!!  Very friendly, always smiling, and his nurses are the same way.  No grumpy faces there. 

If you ever need a doctor for arthritis, we go to Dr. Randell Miller and I see Dr Rivera (and his partners) for GI issues.  They are all in Watson Clinic. 

If you have co-pays, pay it when you go, they bill insurance and they bill you the rest.  Same if you have no co-pays.  They will submit and bill you and you can set up a payment plan on  the balance.

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