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I had seen the article on Yahoo and it just amazes me that it can be done.  I don't know how $400 a month for groceries can really be done, but after reading it I guess it can be done.  I would love to do a garden, but I hate all the work involved.  I may just suck it up and since our son wants to do AG next year as an elective at school, this should be good practice.  (That is if they allow ESE kids in there).  I found great ideas on Pinterest for garden ideas with little work.

I do have a bread machine and although it's 25 yrs old it still works.  Will have to work at cleaning the kitchen and bringing it out.  With summer coming up, I can do 1 or 2 days of baking goodies and casseroles to freeze for another day.  Would love to get into canning, so maybe try a few things before I go crazy and buy all the stuff and decide I don't like it.  We'll see.

I don't think I could really live without cable, but as much issues as we had with satellite and now Brighthouse, I am temped to drop it.  Just need to get hubby on board with it (not)...LOL  Anyway here's the link.


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That's so inspirational, really.  Not that we should all jump into this degree of frugal-ness but tips to add to our budgets couldn't hurt.  Great story.  

I do agree and not to jump in that with both feet.  They did seem to have some money before they dropped to the $14,000 yr so that was most likely helpful.  I do little things here and there which I do see some savings.  It's the little things that add up as well.  I try to get mark down meats (that are not discolored) and try to find recipes that can make a little go a long way.  Like having 2 pieces of chicken thighs leftover.  That sure will not feed a family of 4, but cut it up add veggies, potatoes and gravy and now you have a chicken stew that will feed everyone.  I always turn a few pieces of meat that is leftover into soups or stews.  Sometimes it's enough to have for lunch the next day too.

I do want to look into a new bread machine at Christmas.  Although mine works, I like to go to a smaller model that makes the same size loaves.  I also can reduce down a few other small appliances I do not use anymore.

Christmas will be more baked and homemade items for sure too.  I like them better than store bought. It says you really put time, effort and love into the gift.  Not to mention it does save money...LOL

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