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Family Sues Petco After Calif. Boy, 10, Dies From Rat Bite Fever

This story just boggles my mind.  Never would I think to read such a story and I would certainly not think this was a concern if one of my children had pet rats.   After trying a couple of really mean hamsters as a child, a pet store actually recommended rats as pets.  We brought home three, they were genuinely the sweetest things, and never bit us once.  So, yes, I would consider rats as pets.  After reading this story, I would certainly have pause.   What a sad story.

What do you think about Petco having accountability?  Should they have better health screenings in place?   If they were more stringent, I'm sure there would be more costs passed down to the consumer.   

Again, such an incredibly sad story. 

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There should be health screenings, absolutely.  We have four rats (3 girls and a boy -- the boy is fixed, yes I'm weird) and they are just darling.  I can't imagine the horror this poor family has gone through :(

This story really has stayed with me.   I decided to do a little more research on how you can get this disease and it can actually be contracted without bite transfer, from other rodents, and from transfer from house pets that have killed, eaten, or played with a diseased rodent.

This is something us moms should be aware of especially if any of the above contact is suspected and flu like symptoms present. 

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