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I found the ideas  at the below link for nursery art ADORABLE!   Not only are they cute ideas, but it's your own family's history displayed.  Even if you don't have a nursery to decorate, I think some of these ideas could be really neat in a family room area.

Check them out!

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I've always wanted to have some kind of family tree art - I haven't gotten very far on my husband's side yet so I haven't really pursued it. But I do like something like http://www.fmlytree.com/display.php?id=Robles%20family And I like this one too! http://www.fmlytree.com/display.php?id=Holley%20Family On the link you posted I did like the 7th picture somewhat - I'd like to incorporate pics with names if possible, although I don't have a lot of pictures. I did find some on my husband's side from the early 1900's that are pretty cool. I love to look at them and would like to display them someday.
My favorite of the old pics is of Bret's great grandmother sitting in a rocker on the front porch holding Bret's grandmother as a newborn in 1924. I just love the look of it. One time when we were at his parent's house they showed me his grandmothers' photo album so I begged to borrow it and scan all the pics which I did. Some were ruined from Andrew, but most just had water damage on parts. I scanned 2 albums worth of pictures and made a back up disk of them too. The oldest dated picture I have is 1910 which is pretty cool. Unfortunately they wrote where (Cedar Lake) on the back, but not who.

:D It took awhile, but this thread has inspired us!!  I found one on Etsy I liked and showed hubby -he's now painted a canvas with the sky, grass and tree. We're cutting out the printed names using a flower shaped scrapbook cutter and cutting out leaves for it. I'm so EXCITED!! It's not done and I already love it! So much in fact that we're doing one for my parents for Christmas. :) I'll post pics when its done!

Alicia! YAY!  I'm excited, too!  Yes, Please, please post pictures when you're done.  Hey, this could be one more venture to add to your cake pops that you could get into business with.  Can't wait to see it!

I kind of want a few more leaves on top but I think its pretty well done.

Woooooow!  I love it!

Alicia, I brought this topic back up because I wanted to add it to our latest nursery thread and I'm still super wowed by the family tree art you and your husband made.  I just love it SO much!   I'm so happy you added it for all of us to see.  :)

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