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Father's Day is right around the corner.  Do you get gifts for the Dads in your life?  If so, do you have a gift idea already planned out?  Please share your ideas for those still struggling to come up with unique gifts.

If you want to do a practical gift and it could be funny, too, because a guy may think, "Socks, who really wants socks for a gift?"  But these they may want.

Therlo socks I've been told are amazing and worth every moment they're worn and every penny spent.  And if the father in your life appreciates socks that don't slouch or slide down, I've also been told these stay in place super well.  Pull them up when putting them on and no more touching during the day.  That's priceless. 

I gave my own dad the gift of a DNA family history study kit in past.  With each new connection, it's a gift that keeps on giving. 

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iVillage just put up some cute ideas. I know a lot of our guys need another T-shirt like they need a hole in the head, but the one featured in this ideas list is too cute!

I love the Dad born on date! :)

I can think of a place to get GREAT grilling products for dad!!!

Very Subtle!!!

If your husband or dad mows their own lawn - setting up a month or two [or more] of lawnservice is a good idea. I just did this for my husband's birthday, and he is beyond excited not to have to mow the lawn during the hot summer months!
how about boudoir pictures? (not from the kids- of course) LOL
Party of 4 said:
how about boudoir pictures? (not from the kids- of course) LOL

I bet that is a gift a man would love. Not that I'm in the market for one, but does anyone know of a photographer that does 'specialty' pictures?

Mike, that is a good idea, but really, I think you should give us gals a bit more hints on what you think guys might want for Father's Day. What do you like? Are you hoping for anything in particular? Guys, come on, chime in.
We are always on the frugal wagon at our house. We'll be making some art for the grandparents and great grandparents. (I use this website for inspiration: http://funhandprintart.blogspot.com/).

Daddy is getting frames made at the Lowe's Build and Grow this Saturday (you can register at Lowes.com and click Services and then Build N Grow).
my husband would love tom petty tix also. but i believe that concert is a week or two after i have the baby and i just can't make that work.

i have no clue what were going to do this year. i know he could use a couple new t shirts. i need ideas too.
Okay, girls, do you have those gift ideas bought and wrapped? Father's Day is just days away.

I hate to admit it, even though I have Hubby's gift taken care of, I am still stumped on what to get my Dad!
Father's Day or any gift giving for my husband is extremly hard, he has no hobbies. He did ask for a new bullet proof vest (a good one over $1000) and a gun around $750 which is absolutely impossible on our budget! So yeah I'm stumped!

I have no clue what to get my dad, he just came back into my life 2 yrs ago but doesn't look like he needs anything, I guess he'll get a gift card :/
my fil is the same way, he has everything and needs nothing. so this year i decided bbq sauce and coffee. lol i know cheesy but it's somthing he will use and otherwise probably wouldn't have gotten himself. i know the things we got him he has never tried cause the coffee is from a place in virginia, and the bbq sauce is what a friend makes and sells.
Ok who has the grilling store and where is it. I think I have bought every unique item from our lakeland grill store. which has a very nice selection. So I am always in the market for grilling accessories.

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