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Is anyone familiar with either Miss Adele's or La Petite Preschools?  My son is 2 1/2 and we are looking for a part time program for him.  Based on our needs and what we're looking for I'm interested in these two schools.  He is not yet fully pottytrained but we are in the process.  I plan to do a visit/tour of both after the holidays but would love any input from anyone who is familiar the either facility,




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I haven't used either facility, but I grew up near Mrs. Pate (she shared carpooling duties to elementary school with my mother, actually) and she's a delight. :)

I tried to edit that to specify that Mrs. Pate is "Miss Adele", but the boards don't seem to be showing my edit! Anyway, that's the facility I'm referring to :)

I love Joyful Hearts Preschool - It is a morning only Preschool 9-12.

If you are interested in your preschooler having a loving, Christ centered, FUN environment for this coming school year - we are the place "The Lord has done great things for us..., and we are filled with joy." - Psalm 126:3 We a few spots for Two's & Three's
Call Dawn McDonald @ 863-617-2131♥   Email @ joyfulheartspreschool@yahoo.com

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