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As you know I give Free Coupon Classes. What do you think is the best day and time for a class? I want to make sure I have a class available to everyone. I will take your feedback and try to schedule a few classes for you. Thanks everyone.

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Myself and a few of my friends are interested in attending a coupon class, where do you have them. We live in the Haines City area. The best time would be evenings after 6 or on the weekends for us. I have been couponing for about a year and would definitely like to learn more. Thanks Tammy

I have them at my home in North Lakeland. I could put together a class on a week day 6-8 pm. Would that work for you and your Friends. Terri
I don't think we could get there by 6 to north lakeland, maybe by 6:30 we could be there. Do you do any on the weekend?
And how many people do you need to hold a class?
Terri Harrison said:
I have them at my home in North Lakeland. I could put together a class on a week day 6-8 pm. Would that work for you and your Friends. Terri
I had a class last weekend. The weekends are hard for me because I work only on the weekend. I do own my business and can take off every now and then. last week I had two people at my class. I only take up to nine at a time. I like it to be small so everyone feels comfortable with asking question. If you and your friends want to put together a time and week day that's convenient for you I would be happy to teach you how to coupon. I can't do it on Wednesday. Let me know. Terri
My daughter and I are also interested 6:30 would be hard coming from Mulberry and is there a cost if so how much....I also have you as a friend on facebook
There is no cost for the class. 6:30 would be the latest we could start the class since it runs two hours. I would like to finish up before 9pm. If there's anyway you can make it by 6:30 pm let me know and I will schedule a class for next week. What day is good for you?
I am extremely interested in taking a class.  Please let me know when you can put on another one & will be there.
I will be posting classes on the schedule. The schedule is on the right side of the home page at the bottom.  today. Keep checking. Terri

I have looked on the home page however I haven't been able to locate the schedule, and my mother or daughter also want to attend with me. Any day but the 27th is good for me. Thank You.


Hi, Here's a link to the schedule. Hope to see you there.


Hey Me my mom and sisters are interested in your class we actually live on Timberlake right around the corner from you, we were looking to do it on a Tuesday, could you let me know when you would be availble next?





Hi, I have another class this Thursday at 6:30pm. You can sign up for it at here.

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