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As you know I give Free Coupon Classes. What do you think is the best day and time for a class? I want to make sure I have a class available to everyone. I will take your feedback and try to schedule a few classes for you. Thanks everyone.

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how do i sign up for the class cant seem to find dates times or locations


Here's the link to register. Hope to see you Thursday.

Register Here.

Hi my name is Gini and am very interested in taking class. Do you have any class during the day (morning)? Thank You



Not right now. Maybe in a few weeks.
I would love to come to a class also. I live in Kathleen area.

Here's the link to register. The free class is Thursday at 6:30 pm. Hope to see you Thursday.

Register Here.

Terri, Do you only do classes at your house? I was thinking of having a party with a group of my friends. What material do your classes cover?
Hi Amber, I have only done parties at my home with no more than 9 people. It makes it harder and takes longer when you have a lot of people trying to ask questions and talking. I cover a lot of material to get you going. How to read the deals list, How to shop Walgreens and CVS, Where to find coupons, How to organize them and more. Keep an eye on my blog. I will be adding the class schedule in a few days. Terri

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