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You may be curious with this topic's start, I wonder if Shawn has sick kids right now?

You betcha! And I know I'm not the only one.

My youngest two came home from school yesterday with fever.  They both complained of headaches and over all not feeling well.  The fever and not feeling 100% continued into the night and into today.  Needless to say, these two are home with me right now.

I'm staggering Tylenol and Ibuprofen with them because they are getting into the 103 degree zone and we have a family history of febrile seizures (Lillian herself, an older brother, and their father) so I don't play with fever at our house (or get any sleep from possible seizure worry).  The fever is still hanging on faintly.

So back to all of you.  I just heard of some confirmed cases of chicken pox.  Strep throat infections, I was told, is running rampant and a stomach virus with fever is still making rounds around Polk.

It does make me wonder if we will end up with one of these things.  Several years ago, my step-sons, although vaccinated against chicken pox, did contract them when they were exposed.  I'm here to tell you, it can happen.  I'm watching for "spots" and if your kids end up with a phantom fever you may want to too.

Have you dealt with sickness lately?

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a few weeks ago I was home with both my kids. One with strep throat and one with the flu. Both running 103 fevers.

My daughter is home with an upper respiratory thing. Nebulizer was pulled out of the closet for this one. Got a prescription to "hold on to" just incase she gets worse over the weekend, but I want to hold out a little longer. No fever so far.

Son was home Mon Tue...was sick with fever all weekend and sinus junk!  Not feeling well myself today!  I know some of my friends having this mess too.....Hope your kiddos feel better soon Shawn <3

I just made it home from Lakeland Regional's ER with Lillian.  Ryan has been fever free for about 8 hours (thank goodness) and I hope it's gone for good.  But back to my little lass.

At 5:30 I knew she was due for some Motrin and went to check on her.  Oh what a sight I found.  She was pink head to toe like she had been cooked- her eyes were glazed over and she was HOT to the touch.  With my thermal skin scan thermometer she read 105.8.  I couldn't believe it!  So, of course, I took it again.  This time is was 106.2!   Needless to say I immediately grabbed some motrin to get in her, stripped her down into a lukewarm shower and got on the phone with the pediatrician.

Lillian was just coming off a bad bladder infection last week so he was concerned it may have progressed as a kidney infection and told me to head to the ER.  

Long story short.  Her urine was inconclusive but we will know more once the cultures are back.  Her strep test was negative and her flu test was negative.   She does have swollen lymph nodes.

So even though some things have been ruled out, which really can be comforting, I still really don't know what in the world made her fever go up so high.   And this from the girl that has had febrile seizures. 

Luckily her fever is back down to about 100 degrees.  Needless to say there won't be much sleep by me tonight but I sure hope you all are enjoying your zzzz's  :)

Oh no Shawn. Poor little thing! I don't see how she could be comfortable enough to sleep with a fever so high! Was she coherent when you woke her up? Was she saying anything hurt? I am amazed she didn't go into a seizure either! Maybe you can outgrow those?

When my son's temp got really high one time, he was having a lot of back pain, but that was supposedly the swine flu. I usually get headaches with fever, so I can't imagine what a very high fever would feel like for me. 
You are in my thoughts. I hope she fights off whatever it was and feels better soon. Keep us posted. 
PLEASE take fevers very seriously & don't just assume doctors know what they're doing. My daughter nearly lost her life recently from an infection in her bloodstream and ended up having two heart surgeries and a stroke. Your life can change forever in a MOMENT!!!

Sure hope your sweet girlie is feeling better today Shawn.....so scary indeed!!

Please let us know how she's doing, Shawn -- just when you're able *hugs*

Sorry not to get back on here sooner to update you all and thank you SO MUCH for all the well wishes!   Kellie your story is completely heart wrenching to read.  I pray things are better for your family.   I agree, fevers shouldn't be ignored.  It's a sign of our bodies trying to fight something and sometimes that something needs to be investigated.

I've been on the phone a lot today fielding updates to people that have called.  A big thanks to those checking for updates in that way, too.  :)

As predicted I'm in zombie mode- so tired.   Lillian laid beside me all night.  Between me constantly waking and feeling her for fever, and her, lol, smacking me in the face by a wayward arm (she's notorious as being a horrible beat-you-up bed buddy) I'm running on very little sleep. The super up-swing in all this is she is doing so much better!

Her fever is still present but maintained at a low level.   Obviously I'm hoping not to see a spike like she did yesterday afternoon by her, or anybody- ever- for the rest of my life.  :)

Jmarr  I saw you mention growing out of seizures and I hope that's the case.  It's been well over a year since we've had one.  Still, when driving to the hospital, I drove the jeep (the top was already down) for two reasons.  One because she could sit upfront with me (the airbag turns off) so I could see her the whole way easier (her last grand mal seizure was while driving and she was sitting behind me) and her hair was fresh from the shower wet so I was hoping the wind from driving would help cool her down.

With the Motrin, the lukewarm shower, and the jeep ride, she was a cool 100.7 when we arrived at the ER.  I was SO glad!

Obviously, with Ryan having a fever as well, this must be something viral.  They both are complaining of headaches and sore throats.  The doctor at the ER said Lillian's throat did look a bit red but the strep came back negative. 

I'm totally shrugging my shoulders at what this could be  :/

Thanks for the details!   They did say although the rapid test gave negative results, they would do a culture on the swab as well.  If it comes back positive they said they would let me know. 

kimpsbl1 said:

For dd's streps they always did a quick test then another test that came back a few days later.  Whenever dd had strep there was always a white patch on each of her tonsils, and the fever would hit all of a sudden in the middle of the night with horrible pain, that was just our experience with recurrent strep. 

Oh I hope your kiddos are better soon! Fevers can be scary. I hope you can get some rest (minus the worry) soon.

I wanted to update you ladies on what you might should look for if you end up with a fever, too.

If you've been following this then you'll know I reported my youngest two coming down with mystery fevers with little other clues as to what was going on.

They both ended up with fever blisters (to be expected with the fever I suppose).  Ryan said his throat was "scratchy" for a couple of days.  Other than this, and the fever with the overall general feeling of not feeling well, this was all Ryan dealt with.

For Lillian she did finally break out with some 'cold' like symptoms.  She eventually did start complaining of a sore throat as well.  Then she started sneezing, with a runny nose and it quickly turned gunky green.   I know Jennifer mentioned her son had a head cold/sinus issue.  I'm wondering if this isn't the same thing Lillian ended up with.   We took the weekend to recover and they both seem much better.

I'm super HAPPY to report they are both in class today and fever free.   This is Lillian's first day back, she took most of last week off, and Ryan went back on Friday.

I sure hope this virus stays away from you all.   :)

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